Eummane Modern Korean

I have always been a fan of traditional Korean food – This blog makes it very obvious. I love barbecuing thin strips of bulgogi over a hot grill, eating bibimbap served warm inside a stone bowl, and slurping on galbi tang soup. But what if you could take one type of Korean food and fuse it with another type of cuisine, such as American or Mexican? That’s what Eummane’s food is all about.

Eummane, whose name translates to ‘mother’s place’, is a restaurant in Estancia mall that serves modernized and fusion Korean dishes. It’s very different from all the other Korean restaurants found all over the metro. They also have a wide array of soju-based drinks and cocktails.


Menu: Starters, New dishes, Salad, Soups, Noodles, Main dishes, Side dishes, Drinks list (non-alcoholic, beverage, alcoholic beverages, soju by the pitcher, soju cocktails by the glass).

Seafood Noodle Soup – A medley of shrimp, clams, and New Zealand mussels with kalguksu noodles, simmered in myeolchi dashida (anchovy stock) broth. Loved the combination of the broth and the thick flour noodles.

Seafood Pancakes – Fresh shrimp, squid, and spring onions coming together in a delicious crispy Korean pancake. A little bit on the doughy/greasy side, but other than that, it was fine to me. Although without the gochujang (spicy pepper paste) sauce, the dish was kind of boring.

Uhn Yang Bulgogi – Thinly sliced beef sirloin strips. Sauteed with vegetables and shiitake mushrooms, with Eummane’s signature bulgogi sauce. The meat was a little bit too thick to be called ‘bulgogi’, in my opinion. Could use a little more flavor, too. Just like all beef dishes, it goes really well with sticky white rice.

Soju Battered Dory Tacos – Korean soju battered cream dory fillet, house made guacamole, and sesame coleslaw inside two flour tortillas with a side of mango relish and gochujang sauce. Well, what else can I say about this dish? I absolutely love fish tacos, so this was absolutely perfect. There’s a huge explosion of various flavors right after you take the first bite. Also comes with a small helping of taro chips.

I must say, the size and presentation of Eummane’s food really wowed me… Although some of their dishes could use some improvement, taste-wise. I’ll still highly recommend it though, because of the fact that it’s not just a typical Korean restaurant that serves run-of-the-mill Korean food (anyone noticed that they didn’t give us banchan?) – Their creativity when it comes to making fusion dishes will make diners want to keep returning for more.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 4.5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 5/5 (presentation)

Eummane Modern Korean is located at Estancia Mall, Meralco Ave cor Shaw Blvd Oranbo, Pasig. Tel no: (02) 997-0391. Links: Facebook.


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