The Morning After

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 photo 12202015_8_zpsu567jmsp.jpg

There’s got to be a morning afteeeeeeerrrrrr…

That 70’s hit by Maureen McGovern was the first thing that came into my mind when I saw the name of this restaurant. The Morning After is only a tiny part of a gigantic new mall/entertainment center located behind Solenad 2, in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. This new area pretty much sprouted out of nowhere – It resembles UP Town Center (like most of Ayala’s malls) except it’s twice as big. Anyway, as expected, there were so many new restos to pick from, but I ended up choosing The Morning After because if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I absolutely love diners/restaurants that serve 24/7 breakfast.

 photo 12202015_5_zpsoorvnyjq.jpg

My only picture of the interior. Sorry! It was also quite crowded inside.

 photo 12202015_zpsjobj3ep6.jpg

 photo 12202015_2_zps6rkgmlyj.jpg

Menu: Pancake Corner (sweet trio pancakes, banana peanut butter pancakes) Waffles and More, French Toast, Pasta (truffle shiitake mushroom), Dessert (churros)

 photo 12202015_4_zpsdvtxssbn.jpg

Chocolate Chip Latte for my drink.

 photo 12202015_3_zpstcqhva8v.jpg

Breakfast Maki – Hand-rolled maki with tamago, mango, and teriyaki-glazed spam dusted with togarashi and roasted goma. A tad bit spicy, but still good.

 photo 12202015_6_zpsecf8atie.jpg

Crispy Chicken Fingers and Waffles – The ultimate soul food, consisting of fluffy corn waffles, and crispy fried chicken tenders served with gravy. The waffles had a bit of crisp, since they were toasted. The chicken was well-seasoned too.

This place looks really promising, and I can expect them opening up a couple more branches as the months go by. The food is already great, but I can also see them improving it soon enough.

Ambiance/Interior: 3/5
Staff/Service: 4.5/5
Food: 5/5 (taste) 4/5 (presentation)

The Morning After is located at Solenad 3, Nuvali, Santa Rosa – Tagaytay Road, Don Jose, Laguna. Tel no: 049 2580819.


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