Harry’s Cafe de Wheels

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So for the third time in a row, we skipped all of the Chinese restaurants around the area for Chinese New Year and, instead, tried out this Australian-based café found in Solenad/Nuvali. Harry’s started out as a humble food truck and has grown to become a beloved Australian icon. Their specialty is meat pies and classic snacks/street food fare, like sandwiches, poutine, and soups. Their branch here in Manila also just so happens to be their first one in Asia.

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Chunder Chowder – Hearty and creamy soup full of fresh clams and potatoes. This wasn’t too bad. The only complaints that I have are 1.) The bread bowl was tough to eat, and 2.) The serving size was too small.

 photo 02092016_5_zpsl1snrvmx.jpg

Classic Hotdog – Viennese smoked sheep-cased Frankfurt, on freshly baked roll with cheese and tomato sauce. The bun was delicious and quite soft for my liking, but the hotdog itself was just fine.

 photo 02092016_7_zpsarqt4x9z.jpg

Chicken Poppers – Battered chicken balls and freshly cut spuds. This dish had more wedges than chicken in it. Hmmm.

 photo 02092016_8_zps5e7juckm.jpg

Harry’s Chicken – Fiery deeply-fried chicken, served with pepper rice and Harry’s special gravy.

 photo 02092016_6_zpsnru2axl6.jpg

For my drink, I had the very rich and sinful Dirty Dutch Mudpie.

I can’t really decide if we just ordered the wrong stuff or if the resto itself could use a little more improvement with the quality of their food. I still have faith in Harry’s, though, and I’m actually willing to give them another chance.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 4.5/5 – Food took a while to arrive.
Food: 3.5/5 (taste) 3/5 (presentation)

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels is located at Solenad 3, Nuvali, Santa Rosa. Links: Official AU Website || PH Facebook || Official Facebook


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