Spice and Cleaver

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Aside from ramen joints and high-end bakeries, another type of restaurant that I have noticed is slowly gaining popularity here in Manila are the ones that serve handcrafted sausages. One of these restaurants is Spice and Cleaver, located in Estancia Mall. This resto serves sausages that use all-natural casings and don’t contain any nasty extenders (thank God!), so you can expect sausages that contain 100% meat.

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Menu: Eat first (appetizers), Plantation (salad & vegetables), The links (artisanal sausage, old traditional sausage), Puffiza, Egg & flour (pastas), Flaming pit, By my side, Others by demand, Sweet endings

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Cheese Spaetzle – European style mac n’ cheese. A fresh new take on the popular American comfort food. Since they used spaetzle instead of the usual elbow pasta, this dish can be pretty filling.

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My sausage was the Mamasan – Chiang Mai original pork sausage made with curry paste, chili, and kaffir lime leaves. The slightly sweet sauerkraut goes really well with the sausage… It almost feels like I’m eating a Sabrett hotdog, except the bun is replaced by mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes themselves were also pretty nice. I do have one complaint about this dish, though… I’ve read in several reviews that this sausage was supposed to be spicy, but I barely felt any tongue-numbing sensations while eating it. Oh, well.

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… What was really spicy though were the two dips that came with their Buffalo Chicken Fingers. The look of this dish reminded me of beer-battered fish and chips, although I was half expecting it to look like boneless, deep-fried chicken fingers slathered in buffalo wing sauce. Hehe. The taste was pretty decent, although I would find it bland if they didn’t have the two dipping sauces.

Our meal here wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that great either – Although I have to say that it is nice to try something different once in a while. I actually don’t even mind at all if more restaurants that specialize in deli meats and sausages open up sometime in the near future. ^^

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 4.5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste) 5/5 (presentation)

Spice and Cleaver is located at LG/F Estancia Mall, North Wing, Meralco Ave Kapitolyo, Pasig. Tel no: (02) 703 0237. Links: Facebook.


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