Ramen Sora

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Yes, it’s that time of the year again where my family and I go on a yearly excursion to Subic to celebrate my birthday!! This year, my first resto pick is Ramen Sora and Yakitori Bincho-Tan – Two Japanese restaurants rolled into one. The owners of Gerry’s Grill brought in the Sapporo/Las Vegas-based Ramen Sora to Manila early last year, with Yakitori Bincho-Tan following suit a couple of months later.  All of the ingredients that they use for their dishes are directly imported from Las Vegas.

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Menu: Appetizers (salad, side menu), Sushi (Japanese tapas, maki sushi), Toppings, Rice, Ramen, Yakitori (pork, chicken, vegetables, seafood), Beverages

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Tokutarou Gyoza – Tokutarou blend handmade pork and vegetable dumpling. This may look like an ordinary plate of gyoza, but for some reason it had a rather sweet finish to it? That’s not a bad thing, though – In fact, it further enhances the tastiness of the gyoza.

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Mom and I shared this bowl of Deluxe Sora Ramen with nori, menma (aka bamboo shoots) and five pieces of pork chashu. They didn’t have tonkotsu broth, so I got my second favorite instead – Shio. Mmmmm. As you can already tell, this huge bowl of ramen will definitely fill you up. I still felt full even though I shared my bowl with another person.

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Spicy Ramen for dad. He had the miso soup base, if I remember correctly. This ramen surely lives up to its name – I only got to try one strand of noodle from his bowl, but I had to chug down a glass of water afterwards.

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For our yakitori, we had three types: Pork Belly with Negi Sauce, Chicken Thigh with Tare (house teriyaki sauce), and Teba (chicken wings). Everything came straight from the grill, so they tasted fresh and juicy. Very delicious.

I’m glad that the guys behind Gerry’s Grill decided to open up an authentic ramen/yakitori joint here in Subic so more people who live in that area can try delicious Japanese food. It’s one of the better Japanese restaurants in the area, in my opinion.

Ambiance/Interior: 4/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4.5/5 (taste) 4.5/5 (presentation)

Ramen Sora & Yakitori Bincho-Tan are located at Waterfront Road, Subic, Zambales. Links: Official Website || Official Las Vegas Website || Facebook


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