Kung Fu Kitchen

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We chanced upon this restaurant the year before, while taking a leisurely stroll inside Subic’s Harbor Point mall. I made a promise to come back and do a review on this restaurant, and that’s just what I did – And, unfortunately (for them), it just so happened to be their last day of operation. This made me wonder what the fuss was all about when it came to their food.

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Interior. Very spacious, but the wall decoration is quite messy.

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Menu: Steamed rice bowls, KFK fried rice, Frying kicks, Kung fu dimsum, KFK soups, KFK congee, KFK masters, Lapu lapu king fish, Snake mountain roast, Seafood specials, KFK vegetables, Jumping shrimp, KFK long life, Dessert.

 photo 03132016_8_zpsxd7nnon2.jpg

Fish Fillet with Taosi. Nothing out of the ordinary.

 photo 03132016_6_zpsncpyrlar.jpg

Beef Brisket. The serving was a bit small, and the beef brisket cubes themselves were slightly tough/tasteless.

 photo 03132016_7_zpspzkqt8mq.jpg

Taiwanese Pork Chop. Well this one was a bit better – It had a nice and lovely spiciness to it, and went really well with the sweet dipping sauce. I guess I just really like Taiwanese chicken chops/pork chops in general. However, the edges were also tough and dry, like leather.

After trying out Kung Fu Kitchen’s dishes, I’m not really that surprised anymore as to why they’ve decided to close shop – Although the food there wasn’t that bad, it was really bland and mediocre. My only advice is that if the owners of Kung Fu Kitchen do decide to open up another restaurant, they shouldn’t even think about making the same mistakes as they did here.

Ambiance/Interior: 3.5/5
Staff/Service: 4.5/5
Food: 3/5 (taste) 3/5 (presentation)

Kung Fu Kitchen is was located at G/F Harbor Point, Rizal Highway, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales. Links: Facebook.


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