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I got the chance to pay a visit to Megamall after a while, and had lunch at this katsu place called Maisen tonkatsu. This Japanese restaurant first started out in the Shibuya district back in 1965. The reason why its first branch got plenty of attention was because of its location – Its owner, Chiyoko Koide, managed to successfully convert an old bathhouse dressing room into a katsu restaurant. Now, Maisen is more popularly known for two things – Its katsu, and the kind hospitality of its staff.

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Menu: Kurobuta sets, Katsu sets, Seafood, Katsu picks, Donburi, Curry, Maisen specials, Sandwich sets, Maisen selections, Sides, A la carte, Desserts and beverages.

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Tenderloin Katsu Set. Maisen only uses the best black Berkshire pigs for making their katsu. The lean meat was very flavorful and fresh with a distinct umami flavor, even if it lacked that huge layer of fat that I really enjoy. And for the first time ever, I also ended up gobbling down that huge serving of shredded cabbage, which tasted fresh and crisp. This dish was served with a bowl of miso soup, rice, and fruits.

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Chicken Katsu Set for mom. Like my katsu set, this one also came with miso soup, fruits, rice, and cabbage.

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Dashimaki Tamago – Nice, huge pieces of Japanese-style sweet scrambled eggs.

IDK… Our dining experience here was good, and the food was really tasty too. But honestly, I’ve become desensitized when it comes to this whole katsu craze – Probably because, with the exception of a select few restaurants, none of these katsu restaurants have really stood out to me. I guess it’s due to the fact that 85% of them all tend to look and taste very similar? But if you’re a pure katsu connoisseur, then I think this restaurant is still worth a try.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 4.5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste) 4/5 (presentation)

Maisen is located at SM Megamall , Julia Vargas Ave Wack Wack, Mandaluyong. You can also find them at Greenbelt 5. Links: Facebook.


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