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It’s time for our yearly (insert sad trombone noise here) trip to Century City Mall!!! For 2016, our target was Yumi, a Japanese restaurant that puts a different type of spin on their dishes. Yumi currently has two branches: Aside from the one in Century City Mall, they also have a branch in Greenhills. I was really excited about stepping inside this restaurant because I’ve wanted to do a review on this place, even before it officially opened.

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The interior in this particular branch is pretty cramped, and we ended up on the second floor (which also had limited seating space >_< Not to mention the ceiling was too low!). But despite all that, I loved the chill vibe that the restaurant exuded.

 photo 892A9A31-3EA2-4961-B53A-305D39657889_zpsytehnjw4.jpg

 photo 8B971348-BE59-43A7-8734-E7EC033EC42E_zpsh1i2gksb.jpg

 photo EFB84A13-3FE2-4F04-946E-A5EA3F4D45DB_zpsavxmyola.jpg

Menu: Sashimi & sushi, Makimono, Moriwase, Temaki, Chirashi, Soup & salad, Noodles, Ramen, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Seafood, Tempura, Yakimono, Donburi, Bento box, Extra sides, Desserts, Sushi platters.

 photo ADECB140-6685-41CE-B6BA-6F9F3C85FEBF_zpszv4gqclr.jpg

Gyoza, the classic Japanese dumpling.

 photo 12C9EB6C-72E1-4D1B-AEFE-2560480D381C_zps2hty5vhw.jpg

Our other appetizer was the Crispy Mushroom – Oyster mushrooms that were lightly breaded, then deep fried. It came with its own tangy dipping sauce. The mushrooms had a lovely crunch to them, but it did leave a greasy taste in my mouth after eating too much.

 photo AF5870A6-5595-4159-AC4F-9FE61AA4A860_zpsxxechlux.jpg

Dynamite Roll – Chopped spicy tuna roll. Pretty good, but not as spicy as I thought it would be.

 photo D482B45B-D037-4A64-BACE-427270C384D0_zpsg2r0f4fk.jpg

Tori Kuwayaki – Deep fried chicken with teriyaki sauce. Served on a bed of breaded tofu. The sweet teriyaki sauce complimented the bite-sized chicken pieces perfectly. I loved the breaded tofu as well.

 photo 00902C59-A607-4A01-925E-DFDB54C6EFC1_zpsrrtzulmo.jpg

Buta Miso Ramen – Tonkotsu ramen with tori-gara miso soup noodle, buta miso marinated pork, and ground pork. Also includes satsumage, onion leeks, quail eggs, and enoki/shiitake mushrooms. Dad thought the soup tasted bland, but it was fine to me.

TBH I was really baffled when I learned that we had to pay so much cash for our meal, because… While the food at Yumi was good, it wasn’t that spectacular. But I guess Yumi is still a decent choice if you’re more than willing to spend a couple of bucks on Japanese food.

Ambiance/Interior: 4/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4.5/5 (taste) 3/5 (presentation)

Yumi is located at Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave Poblacion, Makati. Links: Facebook.


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