Isla Cafe

 photo F8C96046-A5A7-4D31-B971-E9BB4894069F_zpstweifvra.jpg

This restaurant immediately caught my attention when they first opened their doors in Robinson’s Magnolia a couple of years back. Isla Café is a sister restaurant of XO46, with both restos specializing in Filipino cuisine (Although I’m gonna assume that Isla Café is the more affordable one of the two). Isla Café is also pretty famous for their homemade puto and other Filipino desserts/snacks.

 photo 19650F38-B675-410A-993F-AA89B520E65D_zps6uwjvcyi.jpg

Interior, which also doubles as an exterior shot. Hehe.

 photo 16356AA7-55FA-4BFC-9F05-FBAB198267AD_zpsjvruyipt.jpg

 photo 3E16FD71-CB6C-48D7-A544-17BAA7F5CA00_zpsli9plczu.jpg

Menu shot. ‘Malaubeng Pangarap’ has got to be one of my favorite dish names, ever. Also impressed by our waiter’s knowledge of deep Tagalog words.

 photo 6D20742A-A7E5-4E2C-B2D6-B2A86193B92C_zpsksambmu4.jpg


 photo E253871E-ED12-45F5-A117-5ABEA25BDEB5_zpsedncebiw.jpg

Sago’t Gulaman, my all-time favorite samalamig.

 photo 84E651CC-0AD1-4033-8A88-0E3329346F16_zpsmxgvyze8.jpg

Lechon Sisig. If I could describe this dish in three words, it would be: Delicious, greasy, and sinful. Chopped up lechon and chilies mixed with mayo, plus rice topped with fried egg. What could be better than that?

 photo 58BF4837-CBBB-4DAD-83E0-A1E279B85575_zps64r705w7.jpg

Pinakbet at Bagnet for mom…

 photo B936DA04-6C8E-48D4-933B-5C54086E9A57_zps9ohafa3b.jpg

… And Ginisang Monggo at Tinapa for dad. Could use a little more pizzazz, IMO.

That was pretty delicious! And their puto isn’t too bad – So moist, soft, and chewy. Filipino food fanatics are sure to love this restaurant.

Ambiance/Interior: 4/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 5/5 (taste) 3.5/5 (presentation)

Isla Cafe is located at 4/F Robinsons Magnolia, Aurora Blvd Valencia, Quezon City.


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