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Xtremely Xpresso

 photo 0EBE9057-B0D7-4573-8B88-F582798FB186_zpslzmu3skq.jpg

Xtremely Xpresso is known for being one of the most-visited restaurants in the SBMA area. I have heard stories about how this place would get packed every lunch and dinner, all thanks to their tasty dishes, like their pizzas and pastas. It’s like another version of Café Lidia, if you will. My mom’s friend has been here a couple of times, and recommended that we try out this place the next time we head on over to Subic.

Technically this isn’t the first time that we’ve been to this place – We followed my mom’s friend’s suggestion and ordered their Big Ben pizza for takeout before heading back home during one of our past SBMA trips. We ended up finishing the whole thing before we could even reach Manila. Hehe.

Because of their success, Xtremely Xpresso opened up two more branches – One in Pampanga, and one in Tagaytay. We ended up visiting their Tagaytay branch after staying in Batangas for a vacation… We were originally supposed to have lunch at Solenad/Nuvali, but had to change our plans since we came there a little too early and honestly I’m still slightly upset about that >_<

 photo 6138BE03-B017-4A2A-9EA8-A47C79D9DA7B_zpsuukyfocp.jpg

 photo 6B45BFDF-C844-4B78-BD0E-32466CB403E3_zps0w3d3xou.jpg

Interior. This place looks so much cleaner than their Subic branch, but I kinda like the charm of their Subic branch a little bit more.

 photo 13EF75D5-EE68-4A5B-A3B7-612821BF4597_zpszt5g6q6b.jpg

Menu shot.

 photo 72D426F1-F82C-44E8-AFB0-443EA816D8B9_zps2siov9jv.jpg

Okay so everyone knows that I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Truffle Pasta – But there was something about Xtremely Xpresso’s version that had an addicting quality to it… I’m guessing it’s the truffle oil that they used?

 photo A0899CEE-5CFD-46AA-9A7F-5EAF1BC88565_zpshr91wlvt.jpg

Can’t forget the Hot Chocolate.

 photo 0297D2A8-2B12-45D5-851B-56E4E838A541_zpsqbu8jvxd.jpg

Since I like strange food combos, I ordered their crunchy Chicken Fingers and paired it up with my hot chocolate. Hehe. The chicken was perfectly fried, and I loved the tanginess of the honey mustard sauce too.

 photo A579DA9F-3503-459F-8932-7FBF42B08F72_zpsdegcf5v3.jpg

And lastly… one of their bestsellers, the Big Ben pizza!! This pizza had the works – Pepperoni, sausage, beef, bacon, garlic, peppers, onions, mushrooms, black olives, and two types of cheese. Crust was a little bit burnt at the edges, but apart from that, the pizza was just heavenly – And as good as I had remembered.

I’m glad to know that Xtremely Xpresso’s food hasn’t changed since we last came here. I can see myself coming back here to have lunch the next time we visit either Clark, Subic, or Tagaytay. I really hope they can open up a Manila branch sometime in the future as well.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 5/5 (taste), 3/5 (presentation)

Xtremely Xpresso is located at Santa Rosa – Tagaytay Rd., Tagaytay, Cavite. You can also find them at Clark Pampanga, and SBMA Zambales. Links: Official Website || Facebook || Twitter


XO46 Heritage Bistro

 photo F702015A-922E-495D-B655-D68CCE27DA85_zpsxgonmfts.jpg

Remember when we visited Isla Café a couple of months back? Well now it’s time to visit its counterpart, XO46! I can’t really tell the difference between the two restaurants, to be completely honest, but I’ll stick to my assumption that XO46’s dishes are a tad bit on the pricey side. XO stood for ‘Extraordinary’, while the 46 actually refers to 1946 – The year that the PH gained their independence from the Americans.

 photo B13DA1C8-2F34-42F9-A098-3CDCCF34E139_zpsuoysvwbx.jpg

 photo 2311A2BE-D60E-457D-B844-E2E92734A46E_zpsssxagxso.jpg

Took these interior pics before our waitress took us outside to be seated. Just like in Isla Café, all of the staff spoke in straight Tagalog.

 photo 65FB17D0-AE8C-46CF-B05E-637684895865_zpsdbpgrnlt.jpg

 photo 875281A6-8FEE-4925-B200-19060D51E1E7_zpsf4bnjd84.jpg

 photo 16E29699-D360-452C-8DD5-891890FE548B_zpswshrb6jc.jpg

Menu: Spanish Tapas, Filipino Tapas, Sopas at ensalada, Mga paboritong Pilipino, Mga gulay, Mga karne, Mga lamang dagat, Kanin at pancit, Merienda, Mga dulce, Mga inumin.

 photo 70984376-09BF-4ADD-9981-2C62E3DD0422_zpsptywhqpt.jpg

We were given so many appetizers before the actual food came out – Kornick, puto, and mantekilya.

 photo ABDA5269-109D-4D29-B58A-E59618474265_zpsanox1kvn.jpg

My usual order of Lechon Kawali. Meat was a bit dry, and didn’t have enough fat in it. Good thing it was accompanied by a delicious liver sauce. The onion rings were very tasty, too.

 photo B8443CF0-383D-44BE-9F99-AD9C31F36E7B_zpszdkpn8gt.jpg

I tried their Banana Peanut Butter Shake, which was highly refreshing and filled with so much flavor. I know you can easily make this at home, but it was one of the best peanut butter & banana shakes I’ve had.

 photo 997D0F3B-0CC5-450D-AD3E-06379EB8077A_zpsudvjtebu.jpg

Binagoongang Baboy.

 photo 3C346101-120A-4EE2-AD0C-9B7FEE3C39F9_zpsrdabv1xe.jpg

My parents had the Ginataang Santol – Santol stewed in creamy coconut milk with chili, lechon bits, and dried shrimps. I’m sure it was delicious, but it gave my parents the runs. :\

I know this is supposed to be the classier version of Isla Café, but honestly…  I may have enjoyed my meal at Isla Café a little bit more. I feel like I should blame it on my order though – I’ll definitely try out another dish the next time I come back here.

Ambiance/Interior: 4.5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 3.5/5 (taste), 4/5 (presentation)

XO46 Heritage Bistro is located at Estancia Mall, Meralco Ave., Oranbo, Pasig. You can also find them at Century City Mall and SM Aura. Links: Facebook || Twitter.

Gostoso Piri-Piri Chicken

 photo 74567145-BE5A-4F26-866D-EF9E162CC10E_zpspfmpgqow.jpg

For this month’s Kapitolyo review, we headed out to Gostoso, a restaurant that specializes in Portuguese-style chicken. The restaurant is owned by Chef Joao Branquinho, and his team of colleagues. The recipes featured in Gostoso all came from Chef Branquinho’s family. Gostoso is Portuguese for ‘delicious’, while the word ‘piri’ means ‘pepper’ – So I guess it’s safe to say that people from Portugal like their chicken with a little bit of kick.

 photo 5B1EA465-7D46-4883-A7C4-57C3590F7E29_zpsrmy9ma6a.jpg

 photo CD6F2C10-5781-4456-A323-3E935670B082_zpslkyvgeks.jpg

 photo CDEA44AB-90E4-41F8-9AF3-01BE3173E072_zpsrh4tvjsj.jpg


 photo BA41B26D-FCD2-499C-AF7B-FFD039F11206_zpsmdrwzmyg.jpg

 photo 9956D1A7-3EA2-498C-96B1-2F1B3B85C9A3_zpszzbtf7ls.jpg

Menu shots. You can also order from the resto’s counter.

 photo 93B5ACCB-42B1-46A3-9405-75776ACD7F3D_zpsfanw6b9j.jpg

We tried their Gostoso Starter Platter, which includes three of their appetizers: Piri fries, and two Portuguese street snacks – Coxinha (chicken croquettes filled with bell peppers and cream), and Bolsas (Juicy beef-stuffed brown empanadas). The Bolsas took me back to my college days when I would order hot Jamaican patties from our university’s cafeteria. Hehe.

 photo 29FF8798-AAE3-4E23-9BCB-7692D1450409_zpso5k6b1p5.jpg

Their Piri Chicken Wrap was filled with chicken chunks and veggies. It was very filling, but didn’t really do much for me.

 photo 8DBEB151-D00C-4737-BBF0-A661B4E759F5_zpsbcwcshl0.jpg

Inverted Nachos – Latin-style with cheese sauce house-made chorizo and guacamole served with toasted tortilla chips. So-called because the nacho chips go up on top instead of being drizzled with cheese sauce.

Honestly it’s not really the best restaurant in Kapitolyo, but it was still pretty good. A very good option if you want to try something else other than the usual Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Filipino cuisine. Also, I’ve been noticing quite a number of different Portuguese restaurants opening up in the metro lately, so it would be great if this could spark a new cuisine craze here in the country.

Ambiance/Interior: 4/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 3/5 (taste) 3.5/5 (presentation)

Gostoso Piri-Piri Chicken is located at 51-B East Capitol Dr Pineda, Pasig. Tel no: (02) 477-7330. Links: Facebook.

Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimp House

 photo 750BEA5A-6B0B-4E24-8137-775F86DE49BC_zpstfy5co96.jpg

If one takes the time to read Johnny Kahuku Hawaiian Shrimp House’s menu, they will be introduced to the restaurant’s fictional owner – A young Honolulu man named Johnny Kahuku whose passion for surfing and cooking delicious food led him to create this huge project – A Hawaiian shrimp house! In reality though, the restaurant is owned by the Red Crab group – The team of restaurateurs behind Red Crab Alimango House, and Seafood Island.

 photo 0396FA28-3CB6-4F79-A16E-ED2C425D0FCF_zpsjxoscuvb.jpg

 photo 99258F0C-C4AF-4ADB-AD68-F9EB46DC7EB9_zpsnqyhrrbn.jpg


 photo 7A768274-FD61-400C-8ED3-3FA74655A239_zpsic2hj5p0.jpg

 photo A534BF7C-3DC7-44E7-9C94-1417BC0FD0A2_zpspg30zqhe.jpg

 photo 76A462B7-3BD8-4A1B-925F-0F4D3BAB684B_zpskfea3uoz.jpg

Menu: Starters, Greens, Soup, Oysters, Poke, Bucket of shrimps, The shrimp truck, Bucket of crabs, Bucket of seafood specials, Noodles and pasta, Meats and BBQ, Kahuku Ricing, North shore sandwiches, For kids, Sweet endings

 photo 2FAAECDE-11A8-4DF4-B10A-C67CFDA6C076_zpsf2v8cs2z.jpg

I tried their Shrimp and Lobster Roll – With buttered lobsters, tempura shrimps, apple celery slaw, old bay mayos, crunchy bread roll, and double fried fries. Everything about this dish was perfect, it’s just unfortunate that they were fresh out of lobsters when we ordered it (and I’ve always wanted to try a real lobster roll too! ><). The shrimps have this lovely and clean taste, and the bread roll was wonderfully toasted.

 photo 9E2AA003-7390-4992-B4DE-64718D032674_zps8j7s4j3y.jpg

Island Pride – A platter containing garlic butter shrimp, crab fat sauce, lato salad, island ceviche, and grilled pork belly bits.

 photo 70FE7C3B-7202-48B5-8CA0-3B59CA21E5F5_zpsfkkai3zy.jpg

Turon Turon – Chocolate banana turon, toasted coconut, sweetened jackfruit, and sorbetes ice cream. Not to be confused with the guys who sang ‘Rio’ and ‘Hungry like the wolf’. Look at that gorgeous nest of spun sugar!!! The turon pieces were fabulous, but the mango sauce was a little bit too tangy for my liking.

My parents thought that the whole thing was too overpriced, but I personally liked it, and I would even give Johnny a handshake if he were a real person, hehe. I’m always willing to give certain restos a second chance, and this place is no exception. I just hope they don’t run out of lobster meat the next time I order their sandwich again.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 4/5
Food: 4/5 (taste) 5/5 (presentation)

Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimp House is located at the ground floor of Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City. Tel no: (02) 8560087. You can also find them at Resorts World Manila. Links: Facebook.

7 Flavors 

 photo 15977527-C9B1-4A8D-AA78-9698E0993885_zpsm7f5rohy.jpg

Sweet, Sour, Salty, Spicy, Umami, Bitter, and Astringent.

What am I talking about, exactly?

These are the seven basic tastes, a common theme found in Chef Boy Logro’s restaurant/buffet/bakeshop, 7 Flavors!!! Chef Logro is pretty much considered a household name here in the PH, all thanks to his hit TV show on GMA7, ‘Kusina Master’. He has cooked meals for several dignitaries and world leaders – The Sultan of Jordan, the late Princess Diana of Wales, and former US President George HW Bush, to name a few.

 photo 640A96A1-7D7D-427A-89AD-75A3FE89CF0A_zpspfhpup3n.jpg

Naturally, I had really high expectations for his buffet. However, my mom, who had lunch at this place a couple of weeks ago with her college buddies, didn’t really think that the buffet was worth it. I wanted to try this place out for myself, though, so I convinced her to take me and my dad to 7 Flavors this morning.

 photo 022645C4-C3FB-41ED-A8C8-D196E467FCE7_zpsbglbz2ly.jpg

 photo 005368DA-455E-4D64-A28A-E94D88208F4D_zpsnoflv4qv.jpg


 photo 7A3DA7E9-34EF-429B-818D-AD3F789CA5FF_zpsedlij4bz.jpg

 photo 3F2057C0-481A-44C0-BB4E-0EBC63F974BC_zps0uezaqhq.jpg

 photo 5DC86666-F521-4E32-816C-B388A07380CE_zpst11ggfzt.jpg

There’s a café downstairs if you don’t feel like stuffing your face with too much food at the buffet.

 photo CCE808BB-9E4C-4008-B981-F0237C732245_zpshbqkphy4.jpg

 photo 0EE9C358-F56A-474E-9D4B-60DA531356FB_zpsjkwl3ofq.jpg

Here’s the buffet!! Not a lot of dishes to choose from… The food ranges from Japanese, to Filipino, to Chinese, and Mexican.

 photo 5213BDB6-30D6-42C8-AEBA-65AED48B8436_zpslb4gl5vs.jpg

Starting off with some creamy Asparagus soup. Probably had three bowls of these.

 photo C542676A-F21A-414A-BFE3-ED43414438D8_zpshnhkv3jm.jpg

Here’s my first plate, which includes the following: Spicy buffalo chicken, Tempura, Soy tofu, Meatballs with mushroom sauce, and some appetizers. Aside from the tempura, everything tasted a-ok!

 photo 92A15B40-BF7C-4678-B0E8-6E576895C56F_zpsb0ir2v0d.jpg

Second plate consisted of more appetizers, several pieces of Maki, more meatballs, and Tonkatsu. The tonkatsu had this nice, greasy taste and was also very crunchy.

 photo 99120C6F-E473-48CC-AEED-B9CE83D1A2DD_zpskhjak3ra.jpg

A piece of yummy Roast Beef.

 photo 8920DB32-6058-4A55-810E-029450E11DA1_zpspnyjz383.jpg

My parents tried the usual assortment of fruits, plus, maki, tempura, tofu, Yang chow fried rice, and Fried ika.

 photo 9DF3B00E-6DCD-45D6-9581-43F4DC78D5E4_zpskiqsmrm0.jpg

Not a lot of options for dessert either. Aside from the ones pictured here (Brownie and Red velvet cupcake), some of the other choices included Halo-Halo, and Maja Blanca.

Some of the other items in the menu include: Hawaiian salad, Tacos, Steamed rice, Beef kare-kare, Salad, Pancit canton, and Bread and butter, among others.

I’m pretty glad that I gave this place a try because it wasn’t as bad as my mom said it was – In fact, it was quite the opposite, although they could use a little more improvement with the amount of food served at the buffet. Still, if you’re trying to find a great buffet that won’t break your budget, then 7 Flavors is a good choice.

Ambiance/Interior: 4/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste) 3/5 (presentation)

7 Flavors is located at 196 A. Mabini street, Addition Hills, San Juan City. Tel no: (02) 543 0325. Links: Facebook.