7 Flavors 

 photo 15977527-C9B1-4A8D-AA78-9698E0993885_zpsm7f5rohy.jpg

Sweet, Sour, Salty, Spicy, Umami, Bitter, and Astringent.

What am I talking about, exactly?

These are the seven basic tastes, a common theme found in Chef Boy Logro’s restaurant/buffet/bakeshop, 7 Flavors!!! Chef Logro is pretty much considered a household name here in the PH, all thanks to his hit TV show on GMA7, ‘Kusina Master’. He has cooked meals for several dignitaries and world leaders – The Sultan of Jordan, the late Princess Diana of Wales, and former US President George HW Bush, to name a few.

 photo 640A96A1-7D7D-427A-89AD-75A3FE89CF0A_zpspfhpup3n.jpg

Naturally, I had really high expectations for his buffet. However, my mom, who had lunch at this place a couple of weeks ago with her college buddies, didn’t really think that the buffet was worth it. I wanted to try this place out for myself, though, so I convinced her to take me and my dad to 7 Flavors this morning.

 photo 022645C4-C3FB-41ED-A8C8-D196E467FCE7_zpsbglbz2ly.jpg

 photo 005368DA-455E-4D64-A28A-E94D88208F4D_zpsnoflv4qv.jpg


 photo 7A3DA7E9-34EF-429B-818D-AD3F789CA5FF_zpsedlij4bz.jpg

 photo 3F2057C0-481A-44C0-BB4E-0EBC63F974BC_zps0uezaqhq.jpg

 photo 5DC86666-F521-4E32-816C-B388A07380CE_zpst11ggfzt.jpg

There’s a café downstairs if you don’t feel like stuffing your face with too much food at the buffet.

 photo CCE808BB-9E4C-4008-B981-F0237C732245_zpshbqkphy4.jpg

 photo 0EE9C358-F56A-474E-9D4B-60DA531356FB_zpsjkwl3ofq.jpg

Here’s the buffet!! Not a lot of dishes to choose from… The food ranges from Japanese, to Filipino, to Chinese, and Mexican.

 photo 5213BDB6-30D6-42C8-AEBA-65AED48B8436_zpslb4gl5vs.jpg

Starting off with some creamy Asparagus soup. Probably had three bowls of these.

 photo C542676A-F21A-414A-BFE3-ED43414438D8_zpshnhkv3jm.jpg

Here’s my first plate, which includes the following: Spicy buffalo chicken, Tempura, Soy tofu, Meatballs with mushroom sauce, and some appetizers. Aside from the tempura, everything tasted a-ok!

 photo 92A15B40-BF7C-4678-B0E8-6E576895C56F_zpsb0ir2v0d.jpg

Second plate consisted of more appetizers, several pieces of Maki, more meatballs, and Tonkatsu. The tonkatsu had this nice, greasy taste and was also very crunchy.

 photo 99120C6F-E473-48CC-AEED-B9CE83D1A2DD_zpskhjak3ra.jpg

A piece of yummy Roast Beef.

 photo 8920DB32-6058-4A55-810E-029450E11DA1_zpspnyjz383.jpg

My parents tried the usual assortment of fruits, plus, maki, tempura, tofu, Yang chow fried rice, and Fried ika.

 photo 9DF3B00E-6DCD-45D6-9581-43F4DC78D5E4_zpskiqsmrm0.jpg

Not a lot of options for dessert either. Aside from the ones pictured here (Brownie and Red velvet cupcake), some of the other choices included Halo-Halo, and Maja Blanca.

Some of the other items in the menu include: Hawaiian salad, Tacos, Steamed rice, Beef kare-kare, Salad, Pancit canton, and Bread and butter, among others.

I’m pretty glad that I gave this place a try because it wasn’t as bad as my mom said it was – In fact, it was quite the opposite, although they could use a little more improvement with the amount of food served at the buffet. Still, if you’re trying to find a great buffet that won’t break your budget, then 7 Flavors is a good choice.

Ambiance/Interior: 4/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste) 3/5 (presentation)

7 Flavors is located at 196 A. Mabini street, Addition Hills, San Juan City. Tel no: (02) 543 0325. Links: Facebook.


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