Banh Mi Kitchen

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I love a good sandwich. If you ask me to choose between eating a sandwich or a rice meal for lunch or dinner, then I would readily pick the former over the latter. One of the reasons why I love munching on sandwiches is because 1.) It’s pretty much easy to prepare 2.) You can eat it on any time of the day – Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even as a snack, and 3.) It’s the perfect go-to meal, especially for those who are always running on a busy schedule, like call center agents or office workers.

… And those are the same reasons why a group of entrepreneurs decided to open up a banh mi shop in SM Megamall called Banh Mi Kitchen. They know this situation all too well: Getting so swept up in work/school that you barely have time to enjoy your lunch breaks. Their sandwiches come in two sizes: Half and full, which is excellent for those who are constantly on the move and want something to munch on to keep themselves energized all day long.

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Interior/Exterior. I was actually quite surprised that this place turned out to be a stall instead of a real restaurant.

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 photo AB339F97-F31A-4074-9393-76DAF01CF34F_zpstj4c7xf6.jpg


 photo 30B92A6A-9A16-4D9D-AAE3-BE2CFBFB907F_zpsfncyxrj5.jpg

Creamy and sweet BMKN Viet Iced Tea. Looks more like Thai iced tea to me…

 photo DC6F2686-E770-4FC4-A4A6-9D93A5099688_zpsdaqgl2qe.jpg

 photo D2EAFDF0-7B0D-46EF-A363-304D89F30368_zpsesv8s6pt.jpg

Presenting our lovely banh mi sandwiches: On the right, you have The Classic – With Vietnamese ham, roast pork, pate, cucumber, pickled radish and carrot, mayo, and hoisin sauce. The other one is their Beef Rendang, which had slow-cooked beef in coconut milk, with aromatic spices and toasted coconut, pate, cucumber, mayo, and picked radish and carrot. It’s not hard to guess which ‘wich belongs to who. Hehe. Anyway, the pulled pork that they used for the rendang had this mild spiciness to it, and I absolutely enjoyed that. But what really made this sandwich memorable was the bread – The buttered baguette had a nice, crispy toasted crust and was light and fluffy on the inside. It also went really well with the delicious taste of the moist pulled pork.

 photo FA6D3263-D85B-46B1-A416-E508BBD65902_zpsud6xefxw.jpg

My mom liked their sandwiches so much that she ordered another one: This is their Kani Bonito, with kani, dried seaweed, wasabi mayo, pate, cucumber, pickled radish and carrots.

If you have been following this blog for quite a while now, then you will know that I always give plus points to restaurants that serve delicious yet highly affordable dishes – And Banh Mi Kitchen is no exception. I love the fact that they experimented with different flavors and didn’t just serve the typical banh mi sandwich. And that bread! Oh, that bread. ❤ I’m glad I actually gave this place a try, especially since I don’t really do reviews of stalls. Can’t wait to come back!

Ambiance/Interior: 3/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 5/5 (taste), 4.5/5 (presentation)

Banh Mi Kitchen is located at 4/F, Building A, SM Mega Mall, Ortigas Centre, Ortigas, Pasig City. Links: Facebook || IG: @banhmikitchen


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