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Santiago is one of the many restaurants that you’ll get to see if you pass by the Blue Ridge area while on the way to Katipunan (home of even more restos!). Their slogan is ‘kain, kape, kwento’, which is pretty self-explanatory: This is a place where you can enjoy some delicious Filipino food while spending good quality time with your loved ones. We were originally supposed to go to Greenbelt but ended up having dinner here since we couldn’t go too far because of the heavy rain.

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 photo 364FB11D-E223-49B6-AFE5-1956A20B545B_zpscu5g5wse.jpg

 photo B4C639C3-EBDF-4882-850A-C9B50F260E2E_zps1ctoomq8.jpg

The interior gives off a cozy, laid-back vibe… Like you’re a guest in someone’s home. They also have a small store/bakery where you can purchase some Pinoy delicacies and cakes.

 photo 9E9B16FB-9ACC-4CA6-86F4-A6CC02D5B389_zpszrioo90d.jpg

 photo DA663678-65EA-4002-B83A-B414D236AE56_zps6guewzon.jpg

 photo 289B0BD3-1465-42C9-8824-09E46301FA7A_zpsxfzdugdo.jpg

Menu: All day breakfast, Merienda cena, Pasta and noodles, Soups and salads, Filipino creations, From the grill, Cakes and desserts, Beverages

 photo C9C83561-464A-41A3-BDF6-D7CF75043C25_zpsayorqtf1.jpg

Batangas Lomi. Very rich, not to mention flavorful. The egg noodles were definitely filling.

 photo E84941D7-32DC-4E41-95C5-453848F5AB49_zps7six8ngu.jpg

Inihaw na Liempo with salted egg, fresh tomato, and onion. The pork had a lovely, smoky flavor to it, which I found particularly nice.

 photo BCC7CF5A-781A-4B88-83B0-2EC617B2D1E5_zpsonuhwgf0.jpg

Kalabasa Crema – Golden native squash, cinnamon, cream, and Mire Poix. This was way too good! The person who came up with the idea of mixing cinnamon with regular squash soup should be given all the awards. This soup was addicting, and what made this dish even better were the two small pieces of bread, grilled Panini style.

 photo 4A66F808-914D-4D0B-8931-86221C345E91_zpsfoe3gvhf.jpg

Santiago Dinuguan – Tender pork liempo, pork liver, and pork innards.

 photo 4146B872-0994-49C7-9C19-33D1497E0C77_zpshoroa5ty.jpg

Batangas Caldereta – Slow-cooked beef ribs, sirloin, belly, chili pickles, and cheese.

That was surprisingly good! Better than expected, in fact. I think Santiago may have secured a spot on my list of favorite Pinoy restaurants. It definitely lives up to its ‘kain, kape, kwento’ slogan, since a great place to eat, relax, and have a cup of coffee with friends. I will be sure to come back here to try more of their dishes.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 4.5/5
Food: 5/5 (taste), 4/5 (presentation)

Santiago is located at 202 Katipunan Avenue Extension, Blue Ridge, Quezon City. Tel no: (02) 6327357. Links: Facebook.


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