Qubiertos Grill and Restaurant

You’d be hard pressed to find a Filipino dish that can stand alone without rice. Rice is a huge Filipino food staple (Asian food staple, actually) – In fact, we have created so many different flavors of rice or have incorporated them in several dishes. Honestly, I have a love-hate affair with rice – I have made many attempts to go for one whole month without it, but only a handful of them have been successful.

 photo A348B9EC-F793-416F-92B2-2D3B2C016916_zpsvuhqywsy.jpg

… And for those who have no qualms about eating rice every single day, then Qubiertos is the restaurant for you. This Kapitolyo restaurant offers unlimited rice, which is sure to go well with your favorite Pinoy dish. From its location alone, you can be certain that the food is highly affordable. Qubiertos hasn’t been around much, but they already have so many branches scattered across the metro.

 photo F11A9A54-C6B0-4F66-9D9E-383F88932765_zpsy3mq92hi.jpg

 photo 5CDCBFBF-AC93-4DDA-A4A5-BEF41FA27E1B_zpsxyaaoyg9.jpg

 photo D234A580-38B4-487D-AA94-64883F0997B7_zpsiwcwiuss.jpg

Interior was a bit plain, but very spacious.

 photo C4841B7E-7649-460D-9102-5D4BF0111DE5_zpsdjib1q3r.jpg


 photo E09B83A5-0914-426D-B5E6-1BD25DF64100_zpsqiu0ran8.jpg

Calamares. Slightly greasy aftertaste which made me feel slightly queasy in the end, but hey, at least they didn’t include the tentacles!

 photo 44757138-E1A5-4245-BC6A-FBAB7B0981CC_zpsrv29yz3y.jpg

Since I already had liempo the day before, I got the next best thing: Special Pork Sisig! Although some of the chopped pieces were a little bit tough to chew…

 photo 58C1A575-1FFC-4FC3-9ECD-D2D19EDBCF86_zpsvaiyww4h.jpg

Qubiertos Rice. I love good fried rice with scrambled eggs mixed in.

 photo 763737A4-5F03-47B5-8D73-F98CEEC41AB9_zps91affxza.jpg

And finally, some Tinolang Native na Manok.

My dining experience here wasn’t too bad, but I’ve been to better Filipino restaurants. That aside, I still think that Qubiertos is definitely worth the money, especially for those who have big appetites. Heck, my dad enjoyed his meal here and he’s really hard to please when it comes to the restaurants that I pick for my reviews. So I guess that says something! Anyway, I can probably enjoy another meal here if given the chance ^^

Ambiance/Interior: 3/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 3.5/5 (taste), 3/5 (presentation)

Qubiertos Grill and Restaurant is located at 40 East Capitol Dr Kapitolyo, Pasig. Tel no: (02) 718-0339. Links: Facebook || Twitter || IG: @qubiertosph


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