Mama Rosa

A long time ago, there was a restaurant called Mama Rosa located in Timog QC that not only served homemade Filipino cuisine, but also had a small store where they sold their own brand of sauces and dressings. Its owners, a pair of siblings, named the restaurant ‘Mama Rosa’ after their late mother. The Timog branch grew to become really successful, that they opened up a second restaurant in Eastwood.

Unfortunately though, all good things had to come to an end – Both restaurants had to close down due to one of the owners suffering from several health problems. But it turns out, that was not the end of Mama Rosa’s restaurants – A new branch quietly re-opened in Kapitolyo several years later, with a brand new menu.

 photo 47911883-E918-4A8A-829E-B776171486CD_zpshgboybrp.jpg

 photo FE77AA2E-C1BC-4EDB-8F87-49F83C5D15E9_zps3wuqm7me.jpg

I vaguely remember eating at the old Mama Rosa restaurant in Eastwood twice when I was younger, and it never really occurred to me that the Mama Rosa here in Kapitolyo and the one in Eastwood were the same restaurant. Since it was located in Kapitolyo, I expected everything to be affordable, and as delicious as their previous incarnation was.

 photo 2253510E-866A-41B7-A1BF-231F833F26AE_zps40964awg.jpg

 photo AE7EF247-2D4B-477D-BDD9-7A7BD49C4901_zpstf7nthjc.jpg

Interior + Deli.

 photo DA46DBF1-32EB-43AA-8F89-9CDAB67B87A3_zpsumvp0dvj.jpg

 photo 4121656E-1C94-41FC-AB2B-2339B515443F_zps8i0wdyjq.jpg

Menu: Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Main courses (Fish/shellfish, Meats, Vegetables, Pasta/Noodles), Rice, Dessert.

 photo C8B519E5-31E6-4779-910B-A193D996415B_zpsodyjahgx.jpg


 photo 3D008407-9901-4D2F-B02E-47B876E4EF1B_zpsdajsrvlt.jpg

Guinataang Sigarilyas – Sauteed winged beans with smoked fish, simmered in coconut cream. Also comes in a spicy version.

 photo 49B5CEC0-8470-4BB0-BCBA-0CBB5E7A8F35_zpseqh08fmg.jpg

Sinaing na Tulingan in Olive Oil – Slow-cooked tulingan (aka bullet tuna) in olive oil, dried kamias, and capers. Garnished with olives and finger chilies.

 photo A6EE8207-CA7D-49EB-BB3E-2AF45F4BB864_zpszbtxpp8u.jpg

Halaan – Manila clams in sake-spiked, ginger flavored broth with pepper leaves.

 photo 9E313FA0-EB90-492D-892A-902CE69FA430_zpsxovclfgt.jpg

Mango Chicken – Fried chicken marinated in soy sauce, kalamansi, shallots, and stuffed with green mango and lemongrass. Served with liver sauce and soy-kalamansi-green mango dip. Supposed to be one of their bestsellers. The chicken skin was light and crisp, but it had way too many bones in it. Meat was dry and tasteless, too. The dip/liver sauce, along with the skin, was pretty much this dish’s only saving grace.

As I mentioned earlier, I can’t even remember what the old Mama Rosa’s food tasted like, but… I sincerely hope it wasn’t as mediocre as this one. I can’t really tell if I made a mistake with my order, but… Ugh. I didn’t like the chicken at all. Even the appetizer tasted better >< I really hope they can improve their food so they won’t tarnish the real mama Rosa’s legacy.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 2.5/5 (taste), 3/5 (presentation)

Mama Rosa is located at 9 E Capitol Dr Kapitolyo, Pasig. Tel no: (02) 928-5893. Links: Facebook.


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