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Finally made it to Kai, one of the many, many Japanese restaurants located in Greenbelt!!! I heard this place is frequented by celebs, or just about anyone who has a little bit of extra cash to spare. Apparently Kai’s head chef used to work in Nobu, so you can expect the same high-quality Japanese food served here.

 photo EFA37EFF-7EC2-4CF8-B00A-3EEA94F16853_zpstfb9u4bf.jpg

 photo CFA85D8A-6776-4E17-977D-BFF3430A5D5F_zpsaktpxfwi.jpg


 photo F8D9CFBF-1AC5-40ED-81ED-5EBCC26B5316_zpsovkrfvzl.jpg

 photo 316B9B62-0EE1-4CD0-86A8-92874D80AEF7_zpsmzvvhixs.jpg

Menu: Omi-Wagyu Festival Meal, Teishoku, Donburi, New Menu, (Sashimi ala-carte, Nigiri sushi ala-carte). Special Sushi Rolls, Vegetarian Sushi Rolls, Cold Appetizers, Salads, Hot Appetizers, Kushiyaki, Hot Dishes (Seafood, vegetarian, meat, soup, rice, noodles)

 photo ACD3C615-8294-4DAB-8B74-320C9B3A8C8E_zpsz3xtnqfp.jpg

Seared Tuna Sushi. Look at this beautiful piece of artwork. It may look cooked on the outside, but the inside still packs the flavor of raw tuna, like a real sushi.

 photo 80E34634-9664-4363-92A3-511ECA9A5ECC_zpsjc6y81d5.jpg

 photo 3811390F-7D70-456F-B3C4-3970E8532F3F_zpsdoihtkvy.jpg

 photo D7CAF9BB-E3EC-4C2D-AC61-0906E2FD4B61_zpspf4zzkq3.jpg

We ordered the Pork Steak Miso Yaki from their Teishoku set menu, which is comprised of Miso Soup, Mixed Green Salad, Tempura, Steamed Rice, and, of course, the pork steak. Pork steak was nice and tender, and had the right balance of fat and meat. I liked the tempura as well. I also tried a little bit of the salad, and it wasn’t that bad either! Very fresh and crisp, with a hint of sweetness from the dressing.

 photo 17979CAB-0CB7-4601-B5C6-C0B60F86E471_zps0asphnna.jpg

 photo F6E81218-D6C7-492E-A737-95FFE396EFEC_zpsyxyhxkyx.jpg

Shabu-Shabu with US Black Angus beef. Felt a little bit indifferent about this one.

 photo 9BB55123-6E3B-4064-AA7A-A50ABD2009DC_zpsgdyn1ipl.jpg

 photo 821EAB33-7825-4191-9765-AF42C2117E1B_zpsfabqz9fe.jpg

Kai has a really delectable set of desserts, but the one I had to try were the Smores!!! I’ve tried a lot of Smore-flavored treats over the years, but this is actually the first time that I get to make/eat the real thing… Although I did do a crap job of toasting that marshmallow, hehe. Nevertheless, it still came out good in the end.

It was decent, but… As I had expected, the food is a little too expensive for my taste. But hey… At least it’s still a restaurant worth visiting, in my opinion. I would love to come back and try more of their desserts/sushi, though.

Ambiance/Interior: 4/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 5/5 (presentation)

Kai is located at Unit 1-112 Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St Legazpi Village, Makati. Tel no: (02) 757-5209. Links: Facebook


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