Yo! Panda

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Yo, yo, yo! Come and check out this restaurant in SM Megamall!!! Yo! Panda is the project of three siblings, who came up with the idea of opening a restaurant after their frequent trips to Hong Kong. The restaurant is known for their HK-style egg waffles, which sport a rather different look from the Belgian waffles that everyone is used to seeing.  You can easily tell if their waffles are ready to be served once you start noticing a delicious smell coming from the kitchen. Aside from the egg waffles, they also specialize in delicious Cantonese dishes and snacks.

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Crispy Pork Chop with Cheese Sauce and Noodles – Crispy fried pork chop, sunny side up organic egg, noodles, and cheese sauce. Slightly side-eyeing them for using instant noodles instead of hand-pulled ones, but other than that, it was… Okay? The pork chop was tender and crispy, but it could use a little more salt. Cheese sauce was a bit overwhelming, too.

 photo C4B13C8A-E52C-439B-9883-B771F54B9815_zpspsmdund6.jpg

Cantonese Style Beef Brisket – Tendon, braised raddish, soft soy, organic egg, and steamed rice. Much like the pork chop, the beef was tender and practically melted in my mouth. Also liked the sweet aftertaste of the beef.

 photo 7A62C74B-0F0B-44E3-9F3A-0DC30E86CD90_zpshyvkxrht.jpg

Super Xiao Long Bao – Gigantic Xiao Long Bao with soupy fillings, served with a straw. Just look at the size of this thing! Filled with piping hot, soupy goodness and a tasty meat filling. And yes, you actually have to use a straw to drink all of that soup.

 photo B1C9468C-40D7-4B1E-A588-30D385910E11_zpsrngtq7h7.jpg

For our dessert, we tried the resto’s specialty: Egg waffles! Here’s my Cookies and Cream waffle with Italian gelato soft serve, oreo cookies, chocolate fudge sauce, and whipped cream. Quite heavy for a dessert, I have to say. The egg waffle smelled so good, and was crispy on the outside.

 photo FD20794F-6D6B-4E1A-9B13-C893083BCD2B_zps65h150qu.jpg

Mom had the Mango Cheesecake waffle, which also came with Italian gelato, cheesecake cubes, and fresh mango cubes.

My stomach was practically bursting at the seams by the time we left the resto. We ended up paying in cash because the resto’s cash register wasn’t working, which was a bummer. But if I were to describe our dining experience here, then it was…. Just alright. I’m actually willing to give this restaurant another try, since the food is affordable, and some of the other items on their menu have captured my interest.

Ambiance/Interior: 3/5
Staff/Service: 4/5
Food: 3.5/5 (taste), 4.5/5 (presentation)

Yo! Panda is located at 4F, SM Megamall Building A, Ortigas Pasig City. Tel no: 02 2469069. Links: Facebook || IG: @yopandamanila.


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