Simply Thai

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A few years ago, way before I even thought about creating this blog, there was a restaurant in Serendra called Thai at Silk, which served delicious Thai cuisine that was pleasing to the Filipino palate at the same time. Unfortunately though, due to several reasons, the restaurant had to close its doors after six years of operation. But the restaurant has now made a comeback under a new name: Simply Thai! Simply Thai isn’t a pure carbon copy of its predecessor, though – While Thai at Silk served traditional Thai dishes, Simply Thai gives them a modern flair.

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Menu: Soups (Tom yum kung), Appetizers (Golden tofu, sriracha hot wings, Phuket kung sarong), Salads (USDA angus beef salad, yam som oh, Krabi salad, nam prik catfish salad), Thai curries (Thai green chicken curry, lamb shank massaman curry, Yawarat duck curry) Stir-fries and more (Thai beef rendang, north Thai steak, cinnamon pork ribs, char grilled prawns, soft-shelled crab with black pepper sauce, banana fish, steamed whole seabass in lime garlic sauce, deep-fried pomfret fish in sweet tamarind sauce), Stir-fried vegetables, Rice and noodles (Pineapple rice, khao pad gai, khao pad moo), Khuang waan: The sweet stuff (Khao niao mamuang, takhoo sakhoo, banana fritters with coconut ice cream).

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Tod Man Kung – Thai prawn cakes with sweet chili sauce. The prawns that they used were finely minced, and almost had a paste-like texture to it. I also like that it was served piping hot and fresh from the pan. Very crispy too.

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Phad Thai – Thai-style fried flat noodles with tofu, pork, and bean sprouts wrapped in an eggnet. The noodles that they used are a bit thinner than the typical pad thai dish. And I love the presentation!

 photo 589BE2A3-A6E2-4180-BE4C-3C9EBCB526B9_zpsexchifcr.jpg

Thai Chicken Satay – Chicken skewers with peanut sauce and cucumber relish. The chicken chunks were huge, but tasted kinda bland.

 photo 60B1FE9F-61DD-48C5-BFD7-176004BCA009_zpsj4ryrspb.jpg

Cha Plu Penang Beef Curry – USDA beef tenderloin, eggplants, and betel leaves in red curry sauce. I’m a huge fan of curry and beef, and unfortunately, this dish just fell flat. The curry lacked spice/flavor, and the beef wasn’t as tender as I expected it to be.

Simply Thai’s food was just alright for me… Not too tasty, but it wasn’t that bad either. But it was still more than enough to fill up that Thai at Silk-shaped hole in my food blogger heart. And I guess that’s what really counts for me. Hehe.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 5/5 (presentation)

Simply Thai is located at G/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St Legazpi Village, Makati. Tel no: (02) 729-0860. Links: Facebook.


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