Silver Bucket

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My mom’s friend got hitched in Tagaytay, and as a result, we ended up staying there for two days. I grabbed the opportunity to visit Twin Lakes, and had an early dinner at this seafood restaurant called Silver Bucket. This restaurant specializes in fusion seafood dishes. It even had boxing legend Manny Pacquiao grace the resto’s ribbon-cutting ceremony when it opened its doors last year.

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Lovely interior.

 photo AA69D19F-8E05-4D53-9C2F-0603E7609D0A_zpsog1ommeq.jpg

 photo 020CB038-86BC-4790-8613-64E162CA56D8_zpsi1hink1u.jpg

 photo 3E17AE6B-26C0-4B02-834B-BC0B1DF3B4FF_zpsskufjiii.jpg

Menu: Appetizer, Salads, Pastas, Soups, House specialties, Grill.

Unfortunately though, we only got to order two dishes since a lot of the stuff that we wanted wasn’t available during that time (probably because it’s the weekday so there weren’t many customers around). Sigh.

 photo 78F6CEB9-13FF-4A95-B3B8-3F2376903552_zps9pucclj3.jpg

Chicken Katsu with steamed rice and a wonderful Japanese-style curry sauce.

 photo 2E246BA7-C661-4212-9381-182C927D453E_zpsojppg9cg.jpg

Super creamy Chicken Alpredo pasta (Yes, according to the menu it’s ‘Alpredo’, not Alfredo).

Crappy service aside, the food was surprisingly great! I guess the best place to come here is during the weekends or holidays, when the entire Twin Lakes area is packed with visitors. I might give this place a second chance if time permits.

Ambiance/Interior: 4.5/5 [too many flies buzzing around]
Staff/Service: 3/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 4/5 (presentation)

The Silver Bucket is located at Twin Lakes, Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay, Tagaytay City. Links: Facebook || Twitter.


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