Cab Cafe

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We finally came back to Kapitolyo after a while, and ended up having lunch at Cab Café. Cab Café first originated in Bacolod under the name ‘Café Bob’. Later on, they reached Metro Manila’s shores by opening up a branch in Cubao with a new name. IIRC, their branch in Kapitolyo is their second one here in Manila. I like cafes and I like Kapitolyo, so this place is just perfect for me.

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 photo 8601C045-BA60-4225-95D0-DAB789025174_zpspttusltp.jpg

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Cozy-looking interior, like most Kapitolyo restos.

 photo 2CCDF2AA-034B-407B-A10E-17DF8466E285_zps64a4vqfk.jpg

 photo 7D7C234F-00DB-4907-9D4F-8AFBA7B14C28_zpsh95uhuv9.jpg

Cakes and pastries.

 photo AB625927-3E7D-4AAE-AEB8-7D375C9F663C_zpsypibswnj.jpg

 photo DE420515-1418-4CF0-9B42-F598B74FC447_zpsj43jxu3y.jpg


 photo 9077B006-7BDD-4812-8AC9-547A068D7E66_zpsfupltboa.jpg

Roast Beef sandwich – Thinly sliced roast beef, mushrooms, onions, and gravy on the side. Honestly, this is pretty much everything that I’ve been looking for in a roast beef sandwich – Small yet paper-thin slices of meat, nicely toasted bread that wasn’t too thin or thick, and a good combo of mushrooms/gravy. I even enjoyed the fries.

 photo 1CA79C33-3DDC-45A0-98EC-8449DA9126BC_zps2sab4jrz.jpg

Crispy Fried Lumpia.

 photo C5C30265-2212-4B60-8DC8-648C0D62620C_zpsnggwoiqz.jpg

Spicy Spanish Sardines and Eggs – Served with a fried egg and rice.

 photo F4C2C702-DF50-4851-84F1-1F5D7D4A8DA2_zpsuzswlfds.jpg

Chicken and Pork Adobo – Chicken and pork adobo, a fried egg, rice, and atchara. I thought it was a little bit on the greasy/fatty side.

 photo 524925C6-55D6-40A0-8978-0E456F5D5771_zpsgpcxjmpk.jpg

A slice of Strawberry Shortcake. Had to settle for this since their bestseller wasn’t available (Chocolate Pistachio Cake).

 photo 31BFCF4F-35C7-4E13-AA7F-785AB968BAA7_zps9vega7ss.jpg

Choco Crunchies for my drink. Not too icy, and not to sweet either.

That was pretty good! Their sandwiches and cakes are a must-try, for sure. My mom didn’t really like the adobo and sardines though – Maybe that was just a mistake on our part. We should probably try something else when we get another chance to eat here – But I’ll be sure to fill my stomach again with that delectable roast beef sandwich.

Ambiance/Interior: 3/5
Staff/Service: 4.5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 4/5 (presentation)

Cab Cafe is located at 18 East Capitol Dr Kapitolyo, Pasig. Links: Facebook || IG: @cabcafe


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