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I haven’t done many reviews of Spanish cuisine, so I was pretty stoked to finally visit Calderon, a restaurant located in Kapitolyo. My mom’s friend also suggested that we try out this place, since apparently she really enjoyed her experience here too. Calderon also has another branch in San Juan, in Calderon street (which is probably where the restaurant got its name).

 photo D100DF15-3A2B-441A-A28D-9A79A58D5DAD_zpszs5haxnh.jpg

 photo F296D4A3-0071-4C10-ACAB-1CADA2700767_zpsnxyg32wv.jpg

 photo 5BC72374-B24F-4049-821D-1BA81081C110_zps52ipz0on.jpg


 photo 763EC00D-921F-4961-8D5D-468648413026_zps3zk1ihr3.jpg

 photo 0725EEE7-9B02-43B7-B47B-B1E8F92CA451_zpssmywecsg.jpg

 photo 85F8003D-A8D4-4A40-BA36-6BD557BB8CC4_zpsvdphvfra.jpg

Menu: Paellas, Sopas, Ensaladas, Especialidades, Arroz Pan Pasta, Postres, Tapas.

We ended up ordering tapas and appetizers, since it was late in the evening, and we didn’t want to feel too full before hitting the sack.

 photo 353EE4A0-52E3-4E9D-914C-4A9BF2F02B99_zpsssfikebm.jpg

Callos a la Madrilena – A rich, slow-cooked stew of ox tripe, ox feet, chickpeas, pimiento, chorizo, and choice ingredients. This dish has supposedly earned the praise of many callos lovers.

 photo 453F3E24-CDF6-432E-8CBF-FD4F7508BCD2_zpsdotytchj.jpg

Salpicao – Beef tenderloin cubes in a special marinade, quickly sautéed in olive oil, and topped with garlic bits. Mmm-mmm-mmm. I had low expectations for this dish TBH, but it ended up becoming one of the highlights of my meal. The beef was very juicy tender. I didn’t even care if I could still taste the garlicky flavor in my mouth the following morning (I brushed my teeth before going to sleep though, I swear!)

 photo 63699A09-FF28-4EAB-8BAF-29ACEAF5DA15_zpssm92sxyf.jpg

Croquetas – Potato fritters made more delicious with fish and herbs, shaped into bite-sized balls. It took all my energy not to finish the entire bowl. These were amazing.

 photo 81AF47C9-642B-436A-A831-EE5114F3B7FC_zpsh48ybjwx.jpg

Churros con Chocolate – Classic dessert pastry and a cup of delicious chocolate dip. Lighter, crispier, not too greasy, and infinitely better than a certain churro brand currently being in malls (I’m not gonna say which one… But I’m sure some of you know which brand I’m talking about <_<).

I was pleasantly surprised by my dining experience here – Like I said, I had such low expectations for this restaurant, but I’m glad that they were all proven wrong. We should probably come back here during lunch period so that we can try some of their main dishes as well.

Ambiance/Interior: 4/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4.5/5 (taste), 3/5 (presentation)

Calderon is located at 12 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Tel no: 02 5334107. Links: Facebook.


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