The Breakfast Club 

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The Breakfast Club – Not only is it the name of a classic 80s film, but it also happens to be the name of a small diner located in Kapitolyo. No need to guess what kind of food they serve in here. I had a bit of a hard time looking for information regarding this place, because there’s waaaay too many restos from around the world that carry the same name. Oh well. I believe the one here in Kapitolyo is their second branch – They have another branch in Banawe, owned by actress Erich Gonzales.

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 photo 8D55A0CE-2145-4217-9A07-AC97741A4EE8_zpsxkvusbyz.jpg

 photo 0E1FD045-F3C9-497A-A4F3-41EFE32E79B6_zpsyaai5vsy.jpg

Interior. We were greeted by this seemingly unpleasant smell as soon as we stepped inside… The waiter told us that it was coming from their kitchen. Hmmm.

 photo 949CCC75-A221-4F94-8B8C-00208B3F6DDC_zpss8wxawcn.jpg

 photo 0F8C149E-1D98-4F0C-9D3C-3819FDDA4142_zpsylbzoex5.jpg

Menu shots. Their Banawe branch occasionally sets up a breakfast buffet for their customers – Not sure about the one here in Kapitolyo, though.

We were pretty much the only customers there, but it took more than thirty minutes before our food was served. *side-eyes* <_<

 photo E763E14C-7FBC-4B68-B236-CF6BDEF63850_zpsobxl7bht.jpg

Beef Pares. The beef chunks were nice and tender, and the sauce had a lovely, sweet finish to it. This was actually good!

 photo 9FC6C109-5D11-44FA-8BC7-8564A9106052_zpsmbjqoigy.jpg

Special Marinated Bangus.

 photo 9190CA9C-636E-4E80-9387-396FB0F6BA17_zpsnnussvik.jpg

Fish and Chips. I find it interesting that they used actual chips, instead of fries. The fish was nice and moist, but it was a tad bit salty and my mom even found a small bone in one of the pieces. Uh-oh.

 photo E51B5F03-A90F-48BD-A378-1F078FA51DA2_zpsid3qem2i.jpg

Waffle with Fried Chicken. For some reason they didn’t have a waffle-maker ready, so I had to settle for pancakes and chicken instead. This isn’t the first time that this has happened. Anyway, they fried a whole chicken leg for this dish – Including the bones and all. The meat was very dry, and the pancakes were a tad bit too thick for my liking.

As much as I enjoyed the food, I have to say this place gets low marks from me thanks to that weird smell I mentioned earlier, and the slow service. Tsk tsk. It really does pain me to criticize a potentially good breakfast place like this one… Let’s just hope they improve their service for the sake of their other clients.

Ambiance/Interior: 3/5
Staff/Service: 3/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 4/5 (presentation)

The Breakfast Club is located at Pioneer Center, Pioneer St., Kapitolyo, Pasig. Links: Facebook.


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