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M Grill

 photo 0DBD6528-A622-451F-97D9-4F6BD3683BA5_zpsokf5dztv.jpg

As usual, on the way home from Tagaytay, we stopped by Solenad in Sta. Rosa to have our lunch. We ended up at this place called the M Grill and Banh Café – Basically two restos merged into one spot. They serve two of the more underrated types of Asian cuisine (IMO) – Vietnamese, and Mongolian. I haven’t tasted Mongolian food yet, so I was really excited (and makes me wish I had tried the Mongolian beef bowl that they served back in my college).

 photo 356ABEB4-2EAE-4AF2-A535-EB06D21220C8_zpshxbxita6.jpg

 photo AB3BB74C-22CE-41CD-BB8A-BA2FB86BF524_zpsmucnjtfl.jpg

 photo 68B20DDF-490F-4E09-8844-8BEE0CB862FE_zpskypjxyxi.jpg


 photo B838DB57-D3F9-441A-95FC-ADCC7E6A2ACE_zpszoc8gunb.jpg

 photo 3B549D53-42FB-4136-8313-E0D34B19015B_zpsusin54wi.jpg

 photo E592292B-B7AD-4A6F-86CF-95071C21C7D3_zpsib1valrf.jpg

Menu: Mongolian Grill, Teppanyaki, Appetizers & Pasta, Teriyaki, Szechuan, Vietnamese (hot coffee, cold coffee).

 photo D7650FEC-F645-44B6-95E3-0824CA39F6C8_zpsrpnnnccs.jpg

Kung Pao Chicken pasta. I find it interesting that they would serve pasta here, instead of actual noodle dishes. I have been craving for dry noodles for quite some time now – But despite the good flavor of the sauce and the tenderness of the chicken, this wasn’t enough to satisfy my noodle cravings. Also, we asked our waitress to tone down the spiciness of this dish, but I don’t think she listened to our request.

 photo C64E650D-3EEB-4382-9E37-52D0E6A6CE64_zpsmfvrvzhg.jpg

Cha Gio, aka Viet spring rolls. Crunchy on the outside, nice and flavorful on the inside. Pretty harmless, unless you dip it in the bright orange chili sauce. This was our only order from Banh Cafe’s menu.

 photo 334F64D7-70EE-4102-936A-52A6AABEF148_zps5cxcnfm9.jpg

Szechuan Mushroom a very tasty appetizer, comprising of tofu pieces and sweetened mushrooms. Ironically, despite having ‘Szechuan’ in its name, this dish was actually the least spicy one of the bunch.

 photo BF19C8C6-4DB4-40BB-BB87-6A06A9EDFFD2_zpshulf3gbs.jpg

My dad had the One-Way Bowl – Just your typical Mongolian bowl with beef and a crapton of veggies. I would’ve enjoyed this dish very much – I just couldn’t handle how mind-numbingly spicy it was. It felt like my lips were going to fall off any minute.

Not bad for my first Mongolian food experience! Although I had a hard time dealing with how spicy everything was. I couldn’t really tell if my tolerance for spicy food is getting low, or if the food there is just simply too hot to handle. I wasn’t too okay either with the fact that our waitress ignored our request for the kung pao pasta. But it was a nice meal, overall.

Ambiance/Interior: 4/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4.5/5 (taste), 4/5 (presentation)

The M Grill (and Banh Cafe) is located at Cinema Building, Solenad 3, Nuvali, Don Jose, Sta. Rosa. Links: Facebook.



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On the heel of my recent Applebee’s review, I’m going to be talking about another American dining establishment – Denny’s! There is a reason why Denny’s is known as “America’s Diner” – They have been serving delicious comfort food since 1953. Just like most US franchises that I’ve previously reviewed, Denny’s diner was already familiar to me even before they opened up their first branch here. I actually thought that their branch in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, was their first one – Turns out they were also located at Uptown Parade in BGC and in UP Town Center.

 photo 66A01B4C-B658-4B50-9732-36C91C0766CA_zpsdaqroh4j.jpg

During our trip to Tagaytay for the Chinese New Year holiday, we decided to stop over here and have a hearty breakfast before continuing our journey.

 photo 0FC43650-157A-43BE-B7B6-A756DE9084AB_zpsl2tji077.jpg

 photo 83B16162-C6EA-4488-87C2-CFB73EA859A0_zpsf5rjf2u6.jpg

 photo D608DF68-7B54-4D57-A1DA-6D9F5D7ADDF1_zpszdvr2jla.jpg


 photo 2507D619-B346-42B1-9FBA-83773CF15C18_zpshtw7gqxc.jpg

 photo EA73E4B4-DD77-45DE-9D69-C85FEFF06267_zpshbwrvxnl.jpg

 photo 3453D2AF-2357-4F38-B487-E971FD458813_zpsgu35xkzj.jpg

Menu: Drinks (hot beverages, cold drinks, fresh juices premium lemonade, milk shakes), Slams, Omelettes and Pancakes (omelets, pancakes), Favorites, Soups and Skillets (soup, skillets), Appetizers and Salads, Burgers, Sandwiches (diner sandwiches, open-faced sandwiches), Classics (seafood, steaks), Desserts, Liquors in a family friendly diner?!? say it isn’t so!

 photo 67675CD2-1C65-4F61-83F9-1B76FA7BA104_zpsmkliphkn.jpg

Hot Chocolate – This is the second time in a row that I was served creamy, yet bitter-tasting hot chocolate. Eh.

 photo 09A078E5-7B31-4327-B725-A49EDD29CEEB_zpsq0e2cub2.jpg

Lucban Longganisa – Flavorful Lucban longganisa served with egg, garlic rice, and vinegar dip.

 photo 13BD26F8-A4BC-4A13-98F0-A368CF3EC9B3_zpsbkqsk5rw.jpg

Cream Cheese Cinnamon Pancake Plate – Two buttermilk pancakes drizzled with cinnamon sauce and cream cheese icing. Served with two eggs plus two strips of bacon and fries. I guess you can say that Denny’s puts the ‘cake’ in ‘pancakes’ because man oh man, just look at the size of those things! But I guess I should already expect this, being an American establishment and all. The dish was loaded with flavor though, and I enjoyed the sweetness of the pancakes despite their huge size (I was never a fan of thick pancakes, TBH). The bacon and the sausages were tasty too, and their saltiness helped balance the flavor of the pancakes.

 photo 53391B79-A56C-4374-B376-FD6525FA4070_zpsvqrzhrc2.jpg

Loving the look of their maple syrup bottles as well.

I think it’s safe to say that Denny’s is the last place everyone should go to when they want to cut a couple of calories, hehe. I think I gained fifteen pounds just from that pancake platter alone! I would come back to Denny’s for sure, but I think I’m going to try something else next time (and share my dish with a companion too).

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4.5/5 (taste), 4/5 (presentation)

Denny’s is located at Vista Mall, Sta Rosa Tagaytay Rd Santa Rosa, Laguna. Links: Official Website || PH Facebook || Official Facebook (US) || Twitter || IG: @dennysdiner (US) @dennysph (PH)

Epic Coffee Roastery

 photo 396D7760-F732-46D9-BAFD-3B42419121F1_zpstyslnu2f.jpg

 photo 1B058A8D-3898-4CD5-AE44-80046D6E8D64_zpshuu9qtwq.jpg

Epic Coffee Roastery is a small coffee shop located in Kapitolyo. It is owned by the same people behind Poco Deli, which is located just a couple of steps away. Despite being a tiny coffee shop, you really can’t miss it since the signage outside has a bright yellow-green hue to it, which stands out especially at night.

 photo 46264B06-F3ED-4338-AF9B-15EDAA1876A4_zpseaysnce7.jpg

 photo 1A7BE1AC-8146-43B2-BA90-4764AC05D69D_zps4t24w7g0.jpg

Loving the cozy interior. Lots of quirky displays, including a shelf displaying vintage cameras (which reminds me, I can’t believe it’s almost a year since I started taking pictures for the blog using my iPhone – Yes folks, I still haven’t gotten around to purchasing a new camera >_<)

 photo 04332B3F-65D3-4F2B-9F54-68F11B3BDE73_zpse0kbkaaf.jpg

 photo 6D0BA768-9A1D-49FC-B532-F467B473267C_zps6fq1eba4.jpg

No menu pics here – The items were written on chalkboards placed in various corners of the café. Unfortunately, was not able to get a picture of their cakes either. T_T

Menu items: Sandwiches, Epic’s comfort food, All day breakfast, Epic’s ice cream (Same as the ice cream served in Poco Deli!).

Drinks: Ice blended, Frappe, Classics, Hot & cold, Flavored latte/Cappuccino, Poured over

 photo 0157D49D-AFE8-4FDC-BF65-7597695A3F39_zpsrza5cufn.jpg

Pastrami Sandwich. The pastrami was just alright, but it was overpowered by the amount of greens that accompanies the sandwich (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers). I loved the combination of the slightly salty pastrami and the sweet jam that they used – Although the jam made me feel queasy later on.

 photo E529419B-9602-46C4-80B6-30E821C721D9_zpsrjxo5yqy.jpg

While I was deciding which drink to get as a partner for my sandwich, I noticed that they had Hot Chocolate on the menu. I asked the waitress if their version of hot chocolate was bitter, and she said no – So I ended up ordering it, thinking that it tasted like warm Milo or Swiss Miss. I was wrong – It still had a hint of bitterness to it, and it lacked sweetness. Bleh.

 photo 02536C2B-9F7C-4A70-AEB4-C6C634F435FC_zpspagvybgg.jpg

 photo C0B67459-322E-45B4-9FA2-78E1F6588358_zpsdfqxboyc.jpg

Desserts: a slice of Pudding and Rainbow Cake. The cake might look beautiful, but taste-wise, the pudding surpasses it in every way.

Although I clearly enjoy the café’s chic, industrial look, the food was just alright to me – Not too spectacular, but not that bad, either. I still won’t hesitate to give this place another go, though.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 3/5 (taste), 3/5 (presentation)

Epic Coffee Roastery is located at 102 East Capitol Dr Kapitolyo, Pasig. Tel no: (02) 631-0057. Links: Facebook.

Mr. Pizza

 photo 53418C0A-8CDF-490E-A987-C457BAA84EEA_zpslkzf0xrj.jpg

 photo 52A917C3-9C96-4163-8F55-DF140DB6D38B_zpswzuuipoi.jpg

*dramatic voice* At last… IT IS TIME, MY FRIENDS!!

Time to try out Mr. Pizza’s hand-kneaded and hand-juggled goodness.

Being a fan of Korean entertainment, I actually have heard about Mr. Pizza even before they opened up their flagship branch in Greenbelt. In fact, I was already feeling ecstatic even while the resto was still being constructed and the only thing they had on display was the banner. Hehe. I originally planned to celebrate my birthday here, but I just couldn’t wait any longer – I wanted my Korean pizza, and I wanted it now.

There is a good reason why Mr. Pizza is Korea’s number one pizza chain – All of the ingredients that they use for their pizzas are grilled and baked to perfection. And since they’re a Korean pizza chain, they also use Korean ingredients for their pizza, including bulgogi, dak galbi, and even kimchi.

 photo 3CEC5097-CB31-423F-BC06-0D010DCFDD3B_zps0lquomh6.jpg

 photo 49FEAE41-B475-48FE-B930-170C0E4562F7_zpsbku5bj3q.jpg

 photo 00B29917-C943-422C-BEA8-C582792315CB_zpskn6sjxbz.jpg

Interior, with obligatory monitor showing K-Pop music videos and Mr. Pizza ads.

 photo 769B2FB1-F9D0-4F82-B471-E9C688920FE1_zpsfaifcr35.jpg

 photo BA9B8A1F-9985-4D0F-9FCE-89280BDEF38D_zpsi6ecnjjn.jpg

 photo FC1BE4C2-7FE3-4633-8957-275C81458034_zpsbxodzl0e.jpg

Menu: Set menus, Premium, Smarty, Classic, Pasta and rice (premium pasta, classic spaghetti, risotto), Side and salad (side dish, salad), Drinks (soda, alcohol).

 photo 4C1473F6-3DF1-4280-B27C-2D2E414CBD0E_zps35mz2sf0.jpg

Ms. Chicken, fried chicken wings covered in a sweet and sticky glaze (not like the typical Korean fried chicken).

 photo DDE943AE-C231-4364-BAAE-A4A588B10B0D_zps0irqeslf.jpg

Oven-baked Bacon Cream Spaghetti – Smooth béchamel sauce meets bacon and cheese. Served piping hot. Loved the gooeyness of the cheese as well. This dish was very enjoyable.

 photo 57B5F9FE-2197-4926-A9D2-E267EEE3EF2B_zpsyxyid3hj.jpg

And here’s the piece de resistance: The Potato Gold pizza! This is Mr. Pizza’s all-time best seller, which contains savory pieces of bacon, corn, and buttery potato wedges. Yes, potato wedges. I know potato wedges are the last thing that comes into your head when you think of pizza toppings, but… In this case, it totally works! And let’s talk about the hand-tossed crust. Mr. Pizza’s crusts are the reason why they stand out amongst the other pizzas here in the PH, in my opinion. I mean… Where else can you find a pizza place that serves eggta (egg tart), mocha bun, and cream cheese pizza crusts? Anyway, our Potato Gold pizza came with the Gold Crust – Chewy dough filled with sweet potato mousse.  ‘Delightful’ doesn’t even begin to describe it. The sweetness of the potato mousse blended really well with the salty wedges and bacon.

I still have a couple more restaurants to visit here in Greenbelt, but I honestly can’t wait to finish them all so I could pay another visit to Mr. Pizza. I really want to try all of the pizza crusts, especially the egg tart crust and mocha bun crust. Ah heck, just send all of your dishes to my doorstep, please.

Ambiance/Interior: 4/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 3.5/5 (presentation)

Mr. Pizza is located at G/F Greenbelt 3, Makati Ave cor Esperanza St Legazpi Village, Makati. Tel no: (02) 729-0333. Links: Facebook || IG: @mrpizzaph


I already knew about Applebee’s way before they opened up their first branch here in the Philippines. But what I didn’t know, though, was that it was actually a bar/grill – I had expected it to carry a similar family-friendly concept like its sister restaurant, IHOP. My family and I were supposed to have dinner here last Christmas, but unfortunately, things didn’t push through.

 photo 267D2641-22B2-4C99-B2A3-E8ED5035353F_zpskliqftch.jpg

Exterior. Didn’t expect that we would end up climbing one long flight of stairs…

 photo 94E38FE8-01F1-4BC5-BEB2-631356ACF5D1_zps4tkvaoov.jpg

 photo 9736C658-3951-41EC-A894-AC5ADE5B4230_zpsykfpxmmt.jpg

 photo 8F06BB75-8A13-4DD8-B39D-922403094811_zpsorwfmz7v.jpg

Interior shots. The main dining space is located on the left side of the resto.

 photo F54C1DA6-3953-48BE-9CF4-9601A8F0932C_zpsdfphnatl.jpg

 photo BA4440D0-494B-4A33-8744-69401DA9D1F7_zpsrmttvk0k.jpg

 photo 83D16A7F-79F2-4B24-890D-E98732DC5979_zpsuxwrvuzx.jpg

Menu: Appetizers, Steaks and ribs, Pasta, Sizzling entrees, Chicken and fish, Sides, Under 600 calories, Salads, Burgers, Handhelds, Desserts.

(Believe me, it took every ounce of my strength not to order their chicken fingers)

 photo EDA39790-E557-4AB1-AB24-6A110F855EDC_zpsa5rai9t2.jpg

Everything on the menu was a bit on the pricey side… We ended up ordering three dishes instead. The first one is the Sriracha Shrimp – Crispy shrimp coated with rich and creamy Sriracha chili lime dip. I love clean-tasting and juicy shrimp, so I enjoyed this one. If you have an aversion to spicy food but still want to try out this dish, you can ask the waiter to separate the sauce from the shrimp itself.

 photo E5373075-21CE-40C5-92E7-14387C0D8BF4_zpsvk9bm0bf.jpg

Three-Cheese Chicken Cavatappi – Grilled chicken over cavatappi pasta, bruschetta tomato, Alfredo sauce, and parmesan blend. Pasta was perfectly al dente, but the dish itself lacked a bit of flavor.

 photo 7FAC7B49-EE69-48A0-91A9-F43ABD392B2D_zpsqkpo3axo.jpg

Our last plate is an appetizer platter consisting of Pot Stickers (Shrimp and pork filled wontons served with Thai peanut and soy dumpling sauces), Green Bean Crispers (Battered and fried green beans, with lemon aioli), and Boneless Chicken Bites (Lightly breaded tender chunks of boneless chicken, served with either a honey BBQ, sweet & spicy, classic buffalo, or Korean BBQ sauce). The chicken bites were spectacular! Very juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The pot stickers were just alright – Since they were deep-fried, they gave off a rather greasy aftertaste. The green beans were a major surprise. As you guys know, I’m not really a fan of vegetables – But I ended up eating most of green beans, and was pleasantly delighted to find out that they actually tasted pretty nice, especially with the dipping sauces.

I really want to come back to Applebee’s since I feel like there’s so many more delectable dishes that I gotta sink into (like the chicken fingers, their ribs, and desserts). I’m just super relieved that the place is highly accessible near where I live, since that means I’ll be able to return here whenever I like.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 4.5/5 (presentation)

Applebee’s is located at Eastwood Bagumbayan, Quezon City. You can also find them at BGC. Links: Official Website || Official Facebook || Twitter || IG: @applebees (Official), @applebeesph (Philippines)

Lung Hin @ Marco Polo Hotel

My mother decided to start off the year by taking us to a staycation at the Marco Polo Hotel. I was honestly floored by the swankiness of this place – From the staff’s behavior, to the room itself, to its facilities. Who knew that a tiny hotel in the heart of Ortigas could be so fancy?

Unfortunately though, there was a downside to all of this fanciness – Cocina, the hotel’s restaurant, was waaaay too pricey for our budget – Like really pricey. So we had to settle for another resto located in the same hotel: Their Chinese bistro, Lung Hin. This restaurant, located on the hotel’s 44th floor, specializes in Cantonese-style cooking, and tasty seafood (a staple in Cantonese cuisine).

 photo B443CFB4-548B-4E71-A217-095694082F46_zpskdih3r1s.jpg

 photo 047E94A4-4DC2-498D-B527-338636647109_zpsgbcniaks.jpg

 photo F8268C3E-6DE5-425A-94B0-8322A98520B2_zpsyorj08j9.jpg

Very chic interior.

 photo 8AB9671F-49A4-4169-912E-11CA43F7C41A_zpsdykgrkqr.jpg

 photo 8B5F5B34-73CE-404A-8E63-D8688012C0C4_zpskmfkiz0p.jpg

 photo 7D386E9C-BF0B-489E-8AF9-4C7CEAD0E663_zps5l2zrwmu.jpg

Menu: Special recommended dim sum (trio homemade traditional steamed rice roll, steamed handmade crispy shredded radish rice roll), Chef’s recommendation (pan fried wagyu beef rib eye, deep fried hong kong pigeon, homemade tofu with assorted mushroom in superior broth), Steamed dim sum (steamed shrimp dumpling with gold leaf, steamed pork siomai with truffle sauce, steamed bamboo shoots roll with superior sauce), Pan fried and deep fried (pan fried radish cake with xo sauce), Appetizers (drunken shrimp, stir fried squid with mashed salted egg and seasoning, deep fried crispy tofu with seaweed salad), Soup (double boiled chicken soup with matsutake and abalone, fish lips with dried scallop soup), Barbecued and marinated, Abalone (braised south african ten head abalone with black mushroom and broccoli in supreme sauce, braised sea cucumber casserole and assorted seafood in hot pot), Bird’s nest, Live seafood, Seafood (sautéed u.s. scallops with fresh ginseng and black fungus, steamed crab claw on egg white bed, braised silver cod fish with shallot in hot pot, stir-fried crystal prawns, three flavored prawns, stir-fried scallops in xo sauce, stir-fried prawns and asparagus in xo sauce), Beef & pork (deep-fried spareribs with black vinegar sauce, angus beef short ribs in barbecue sauce, braised beef cheeks with tofu), Poultry (deep-fried pigeon), Vegetarian (steamed stuffed vegetarian treasure in inari bag, stewed tofu and eggplant in hot pot), Noodles/Rice (pan fried crispy egg noodle with prawn ball and minced pork, braised lobster flavored inaniwa noodles with crab meat, fried hometown style bihoon with barbecue pork and prawns, dried scallop fried rice in egg whites), Dessert (yuzu jelly, black sesame masachi)

 photo D4900F35-E5BB-4E02-A33C-FB6DA984B1B5_zpsvrxgfhzs.jpg

 photo A945837B-62C1-40FA-A093-2B96FF7B2A3C_zpsovwdclu4.jpg

Baked BBQ Pork Bun. The bun itself was a bit crumbly, while the meat inside had a rather sweet aftertaste. IDK… As much as I love these pork buns, they’re all starting to look/taste the same to me. ._.

 photo ABEFD388-9CFD-4967-8D9C-1A13350C35CC_zpsquz1kjdx.jpg

Yang Chow Fried Rice.

 photo C549F5D3-D987-4C2C-918C-5835AC60E2C2_zpskr6jqela.jpg

Fried Glutinous Rice Dumpling. This was really tasty! Kinda like butchi, minus the sesame seeds and red bean filling.

 photo A1977EB7-D252-49C8-8CA9-633E46E476A9_zps38dq15pe.jpg

Sauteed Fresh Mushroom and Garoupa Fillet. “Fresh” is indeed the best term to describe this dish. Very tasty too. The sauce wasn’t too overpowering, which was excellent.

 photo F86C6274-E155-473F-A326-D9667A94AA67_zpseusr9iwg.jpg

Deep Fried Boneless Chicken with Sliced Almonds in Lemon Sauce. The chicken itself was already great, and the almond slices give it an extra crisp. The meat was not too thick, and not too thin.

Although I was fairly satisfied with our meal here, I still have this nagging feeling that Cocina serves better food. I still feel very lucky that I got to step inside a place like this, though.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 3.5/5 (taste), 5/5 (presentation)

Lung Hin is located at the 44th floor of The Marco Polo Hotel, Meralco Ave cor Sapphire St Ugong, Pasig. Tel no: (02) 720-7777. Links: Official Page || Facebook