Mr. Pizza

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*dramatic voice* At last… IT IS TIME, MY FRIENDS!!

Time to try out Mr. Pizza’s hand-kneaded and hand-juggled goodness.

Being a fan of Korean entertainment, I actually have heard about Mr. Pizza even before they opened up their flagship branch in Greenbelt. In fact, I was already feeling ecstatic even while the resto was still being constructed and the only thing they had on display was the banner. Hehe. I originally planned to celebrate my birthday here, but I just couldn’t wait any longer – I wanted my Korean pizza, and I wanted it now.

There is a good reason why Mr. Pizza is Korea’s number one pizza chain – All of the ingredients that they use for their pizzas are grilled and baked to perfection. And since they’re a Korean pizza chain, they also use Korean ingredients for their pizza, including bulgogi, dak galbi, and even kimchi.

 photo 3CEC5097-CB31-423F-BC06-0D010DCFDD3B_zps0lquomh6.jpg

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 photo 00B29917-C943-422C-BEA8-C582792315CB_zpskn6sjxbz.jpg

Interior, with obligatory monitor showing K-Pop music videos and Mr. Pizza ads.

 photo 769B2FB1-F9D0-4F82-B471-E9C688920FE1_zpsfaifcr35.jpg

 photo BA9B8A1F-9985-4D0F-9FCE-89280BDEF38D_zpsi6ecnjjn.jpg

 photo FC1BE4C2-7FE3-4633-8957-275C81458034_zpsbxodzl0e.jpg

Menu: Set menus, Premium, Smarty, Classic, Pasta and rice (premium pasta, classic spaghetti, risotto), Side and salad (side dish, salad), Drinks (soda, alcohol).

 photo 4C1473F6-3DF1-4280-B27C-2D2E414CBD0E_zps35mz2sf0.jpg

Ms. Chicken, fried chicken wings covered in a sweet and sticky glaze (not like the typical Korean fried chicken).

 photo DDE943AE-C231-4364-BAAE-A4A588B10B0D_zps0irqeslf.jpg

Oven-baked Bacon Cream Spaghetti – Smooth béchamel sauce meets bacon and cheese. Served piping hot. Loved the gooeyness of the cheese as well. This dish was very enjoyable.

 photo 57B5F9FE-2197-4926-A9D2-E267EEE3EF2B_zpsyxyid3hj.jpg

And here’s the piece de resistance: The Potato Gold pizza! This is Mr. Pizza’s all-time best seller, which contains savory pieces of bacon, corn, and buttery potato wedges. Yes, potato wedges. I know potato wedges are the last thing that comes into your head when you think of pizza toppings, but… In this case, it totally works! And let’s talk about the hand-tossed crust. Mr. Pizza’s crusts are the reason why they stand out amongst the other pizzas here in the PH, in my opinion. I mean… Where else can you find a pizza place that serves eggta (egg tart), mocha bun, and cream cheese pizza crusts? Anyway, our Potato Gold pizza came with the Gold Crust – Chewy dough filled with sweet potato mousse.  ‘Delightful’ doesn’t even begin to describe it. The sweetness of the potato mousse blended really well with the salty wedges and bacon.

I still have a couple more restaurants to visit here in Greenbelt, but I honestly can’t wait to finish them all so I could pay another visit to Mr. Pizza. I really want to try all of the pizza crusts, especially the egg tart crust and mocha bun crust. Ah heck, just send all of your dishes to my doorstep, please.

Ambiance/Interior: 4/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 3.5/5 (presentation)

Mr. Pizza is located at G/F Greenbelt 3, Makati Ave cor Esperanza St Legazpi Village, Makati. Tel no: (02) 729-0333. Links: Facebook || IG: @mrpizzaph


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