Mien San

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Restaurants along the Granada area have come and go, but Mien San has always been there, serving bowls of warm noodle soup to customers since the 90s. I guess you could say it’s an institution in the local Chinese culinary scene – Plenty of authentic Chinese restaurants in Metro Manila last very long, I’ve noticed. Anyway, I decided to try out their food since I’ve been hearing plenty of rave reviews about their dumplings and noodles.

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Interior was nice and cozy, it reminds me so much of those authentic Chinese restaurants found in Binondo.

 photo AC4A6C52-32B5-4289-8279-537C74EE6A36_zpsnqhdb80w.jpg

 photo FB6FE521-E0AC-40A9-B80D-3F1FAF8F026A_zpseutwuinu.jpg

 photo 1E276375-63A1-47B6-8818-BA4289D4F0F3_zpskhwbwtyy.jpg

Menu: Noodle With Soup (Beef, seafood & plain soup, pork & chicken, lomi), Fried Noodles, Dry Noodles, Rice & Bento Box (Beef, seafood, pork, chicken), Fried Rice, Congee, Dishes (Beef, seafood, pork, chicken, spicy & vegetable), Soup, Dimsum, Cold-cuts/Appetizers, Dessert, Drinks, Frozen Food.

 photo 7C76B8C3-F3DB-45E0-B8AA-9C1534BECBE9_zpslcyzbt2h.jpg

Our number one Chinese food staple, Yang Chow Fried Rice.

 photo 0CCD136C-9C59-4E7B-B279-DD01DD5E909E_zpsrcqsbjei.jpg

Fried Porkchop Noodle – Was disappointed with this dish. I mean, I like that the breaded porkchop didn’t have little bones in it, and the noodles were nice and firm. The soup, however? Bland, bland, bland (Even if I placed all of the porkchop pieces in it, to give it even a slightest hint of flavor).

 photo 7A995B9F-1C9F-460C-AB1A-78B17A6699F0_zpsqhwvebxp.jpg

Steamed Kutchay with Pork Dumplings – Tastes really good with soy sauce. This was bland too, but I forgave this dish easily since it was definitely fresh, and there was more pork filling inside the dumpling as compared to the skin. And I can never hate pork dumplings.

 photo 6F390302-F59C-4B09-A2DD-0F06A306ABD5_zpsei3zgarn.jpg

Chop Suey with Tofu Pot.

 photo 8132580E-BBC1-4833-82A1-0ED9BD04996A_zpsoz14gjfk.jpg

Beef with Tendon Pot. This was a recommendation. IDRK what’s going on in this dish, but I tried one of the tendons and winced because I wasn’t so used to the gelatinous texture.

Wow… I had such high expectations for this restaurant, and was ready to be wowed by their food. Unfortunately, everything just fell flat. Something tells me I need to give it another chance, though! Maybe I’ll order another noodle soup (or one of their dry noodle dishes) next time I come back?

Ambiance/Interior: 3/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 3/5 (taste), 3/5 (presentation)

Mien San is located at 42 Granada Street, Valencia, Quezon City. Tel no: (02) 7215794.


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