Sunnies Cafe

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An eyewear shop opening up their own café/comfort food restaurant might seem silly at first, but it’s totally possible – Just ask the owners of Sunnies Café (popular showbiz personality/model Georgina Wilson and her clique of young, fine, fashionable, fresh and fierce business-savvy friends). They opened up the very first Sunnies Café branch in BGC last August, and I thought the location was just perfect – Since the crowd there was just as stylish and hip as the café itself. Sunnies Café serves comfort food, cocktails, and dessert. At first I didn’t plan on doing a review on this place because of its location – However, I immediately changed my mind when they opened up their second branch in Megamall, which is more accessible.

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Interior. Very cozy. I also find it interesting that none of Sunnies’ main products were on display (that would be the eyewear).

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Menu: All Day Brunch, Salad (salmon poke quinoa, steak lime), Soup (pumpkin puree), Small Plates (crispy tacos, whole roasted cauliflower, fried goat cheese squares), Pasta (baked squid ink lasagna, spicy Pomodoro), Main Course (spicy garlic butter shrimp, pan seared miso salmon, butcher’s steak), Desserts (black bottom banana cream pie, lemon curd blondie).

Drinks Menu: House Blend Coffee, Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Milkshakes (salted caramelsutra, kimye),

Honestly I couldn’t really decide which dish to order, especially in the All-Day Brunch section (you guys know me, I love my breakfast/brunch!). They all seemed really good. Or maybe it was just the hunger talking.

 photo 8DCE860A-98E1-466E-891B-E51812DC0F22_zpsgkoqlfxz.jpg

Charlie’s Golden Ticket milkshake – Chocolate chip ice cream, milo, whipped cream, malted milk. Very creamy, and even though it wasn’t the thickest milkshake I’ve had, I quite had a hard time finishing it. Probably because I was too busy with my food. It was decent enough – Very chocolatey, almost like drinking a Milo milkshake *does the energy gap dance*.

 photo 02165835-06A5-4AB6-BEAC-F06213F60C0E_zpsakzqhfpq.jpg

Southern Style Fried Chicken Wings, served with honey and homemade gravy. Packed with flavor, although it does make you crave for a very sweet dessert afterward thanks to the grease…

 photo C2C8E4F1-EFF1-42C6-97B3-074BF19A97DD_zpsnzzccyxn.jpg

Sunnies Risotto – Risotto, caramelized bacon, sous vide egg, homemade gravy, and grana padano cheese. Slightly bland flavor-wise, but a very pretty dish to look at.

 photo EEEEB6F5-2EC6-4C79-9BB9-15A64679CF59_zpsysncmztw.jpg

Crusty Herb Fish Fillet – Herb-crusted fish of the day, crab fat fried rice. This wasn’t too bad either, but the herbs kept getting stuck to my teeth most of the time, and the fish was slightly overcooked? Its edges were a bit too crispy for my liking, and were also tough to chew.

Honestly? The presentation was beautiful but they could definitely improve a little bit more on the taste/quality of the food. It’s almost as if these dishes were created just for the sole purpose of getting posted on people’s blogs/Instagram/Facebook accounts or something. On the other hand though, I did eat a lot – So much so that for a solid five minutes, I seriously thought I was going to blow chunks in one of the mall’s public bathrooms (TMI). (._.’’) Still a nice café, but they shouldn’t depend too much on their ambiance/looks to gain more customers.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 5/5 (presentation)

Sunnies Cafe is located at 2/F SM Megamall, EDSA cor Doña Julia Vargas Ave Wack Wack, Mandaluyong. Tel no: (02) 7181862. Links: Official Website || Facebook || Twitter || IG: @sunniescafe


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