Big D’s Smokehouse 

 photo 1953BDA7-E7B3-4EF6-B788-69C9D945DFC9_zpsaxlm1wff.jpg

Since we wanted to arrive home early, we decided to head off to Eastwood to do our usual routine (Sunday mass, groceries, dinner) because it was the hangout spot nearest to our house. I ended up choosing Big D’s Smokehouse for our early dinner spot, located in Citywalk 2. I would often pass by this barbecue joint/bar on our way to Eastwood mall, and if I remember correctly, they used to have a branch in Blue Ridge too.

 photo E5E6D22C-6FA3-451A-B2C7-297299F33C05_zpsc6mujzni.jpg

 photo B5ACC778-6297-4F7A-A3F9-B43CF80323F9_zps12ocpkem.jpg

 photo 248DCE01-ECEE-46E4-BAAB-535EED29244A_zpskjmyt9he.jpg

Interior. The staff was having a meeting when we walked in… Oops. We were also the only customers inside, which made it slightly awkward.

 photo 0AC4CEFE-4691-4132-97F2-399AB4884621_zpsqqiohie8.jpg

 photo D2A71D16-478A-4B1F-B863-DB69F76D858B_zpsnz8ua1c5.jpg

 photo 1DE590C1-270A-4C95-82E2-8BBA9EF816C6_zpsptogs8jl.jpg

Menu: Smoked soft bone ribs, Soup & salad, Appetizers, Specials, Pork specials, Smoked beef brisket, Smokehouse platter.

 photo 956EC054-A6D1-4129-BC52-00AF3A594EEF_zpslij6fcqw.jpg

Home-Style Meatloaf. This dish is a combination of three kinds of meat, seasoned and baked, topped with mushroom sauce and served with Big D’s dirty rice. It tastes decent enough, despite it looking like it was made from a shoddy school cafeteria.

 photo 0D257B11-9B19-4147-B996-D025A5E9E0B2_zpswpp5gcnx.jpg

Chicken Fried Steak – Deep fried chicken breast fillet with our mixture of spices, served with herbed gravy side vegetables. Served with mashed potatoes, fries, or rice. According to the menu, this dish was supposed to be ‘highly addicting’ – And that’s the main reason why I ended up ordering it, as well as the fact that I absolutely love chicken fried steak. Buuuuuut…. It turned out to be a slight disappointment – Because although the meat was tender, the bones weren’t completely removed and I had to pull out at least five tiny pieces from the steak. Ugh.

I probably should’ve listened to that Foursquare tip that tells the reader to try out Big D’s ribs and skip everything else on the menu – The two dishes that we ordered were below mediocre, if I’m being honest. Sigh. It was definitely a mistake on our part though – I’m sure they have tasty dishes on their menu too, we just didn’t get to try them. Maybe next time?

Ambiance/Interior: 3.5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 3/5 (taste), 3/5 (presentation)

Big D’s Smokehouse is located at Eastwood City Walk 2, Garden Ave Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Tel no: (0915) 487-8153. Links: Facebook || Twitter (1) (2) (3) || IG: @BigDsmokehouse


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