Dean and Deluca

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My birthday celebration does not end with that trip to Subic! Earlier today, we went to Dean and Deluca to finally try out their pizza after seeing it on a TV show a couple of months ago (or maybe almost a year ago… IDK). Dean and Deluca is actually an American franchise – When I used to watch the Today Show on TV (back when they still aired it here) I would always see a huge building with a Dean and Deluca sign in the background whenever they would film shots of the massive crowd gathering in Rockefeller Plaza. So I was really elated when they opened up a branch here in the PH – I probably won’t be able to visit Rockefeller Plaza in a million years, but at least I’ll be able to try a tasty NYC staple!

Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca opened up the very first Dean and Deluca branch during the 1970s. The store was highly unique since they sold things like balsamic vinegar and sun-dried tomatoes – Both of which were completely unheard of in American cuisine during that time.

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Interior. The place was surprisingly crowded, which I totally did not expect. Didn’t get to take a picture of their pastries/desserts/cakes, unfortunately. T_T

 photo C6E9D9E2-6B4A-4417-8999-783F5B550979_zpsyck5zil0.jpg

You can also find a couple of their products being sold in the restaurant.

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Spinach & Mushroom pizza with garlic béchamel, mushroom, mozzarella, spinach, and caramelized onions. We ended up getting this one because it was the cheapest pizza, orz. Anyway, it wasn’t too bad – The brick-oven sourdough crust was pillowy soft, and I loved the combination of spinach and mushroom. I also liked the hint of sweetness that came with the onions. Admittedly, I only got to eat one slice since I was busy with my own food. Even though this isn’t really my favorite flavor, we’re glad that we still got to try one of their pizzas.

 photo 3A5B46F0-4CE1-4E85-88DA-B90B99B90790_zpsnlnbhona.jpg

Truffle Mac and Cheese – With pasta, truffles, and gorgonzola cheese. It seems like the more I eat dishes with truffle oil in them, the more I start to appreciate its taste. The mac and cheese was super addicting, and it didn’t even make me feel queasy (unlike normal mac and cheese). All of Dean and Deluca’s pastas are flown in from the Antico Pastificio Morelli factory located in Pisa. Although pasta imported from Italy is fabulous, but the ones made from fresh dough still have my heart.

 photo E5A5954A-3A79-4147-99FD-1E9DCE10F46D_zpsg7ujhgdn.jpg

Umami Fried Chicken Sandwich – Aburi fried chicken, miso glaze, and salad in sourdough brioche. I love a good crispy chicken sandwich, and this is definitely one of those good chicken sandwiches. The juicy chicken fillet was just delectable, and words cannot describe how soft the brioche was.

 photo C6DC4554-9F50-4B81-8548-7BD33698111F_zpsbzhnu58p.jpg

A lovely cup of Hot Chocolate.

Ugh, why does their food have to be so pricey? >< I would love to come back here soon enough because I really want to try more of their dishes (I see you, beef rendang… I see you). Too bad my wallet (not to mention the location – we hardly visit Rockwell when we’re in Makati) isn’t too keen on the idea, which is unfortunate.

Ambiance/Interior: 4.5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4.5/5 (taste), 5/5 (presentation)

Dean and Deluca is located at Ground Floor Edades Tower, Rockwell Center, 18 Amorsolo Dr, Makati, Metro Manila. Tel no: (02) 958 3644. Links: Official Website || Official US Twitter || Official PH Twitter || Official US Facebook || Official PH Facebook || IG: @deandelucaph (PH), @deandeluca (US)


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