Caution Hot!

A steaming hot bowl of Taiwanese-style noodle soup isn’t exactly the best thing to eat during the first few weeks of summer. But Caution Hot, one of the newest restaurants in Kapitolyo, serves exactly just that – And it has attracted plenty of diners from all over the city.

 photo 67002C07-23B1-4BAF-9CE3-529313D7EA8E_zpsid7uxwzy.jpg

 photo 59D67E2D-8E25-4783-B7C3-A0C744361142_zpsakumxcha.jpg

The owners of Caution Hot decided to open up a restaurant because of their love for two types of food: Chinese food, and spicy food. My dad’s friend suggested that we try out their food since he’s been to the branch in Maginhawa.

It was actually pretty crowded when my family and I arrived here (it was the resto’s soft opening stage) – So much so that we had to wait for at least fifteen minutes outside before we were seated. Parking was tough as well.

 photo B02F2C99-0487-4F64-9D5B-7E88F44EB7BC_zpsiudost3n.jpg

 photo 28CE5D33-506A-4294-80CF-0F101F5E1008_zpsgqmgisic.jpg

 photo AF08FAF0-A58D-49C4-B95B-9E7F161976F4_zps7ghf31rp.jpg

Not much going on with the interior… We ended up being seated right next to a bunch of overzealous K-Pop fans (“Excuse me, us Ahgases call him Papa Tuan!”), which I admit was slightly amusing, since I am one myself. ^^;

 photo C294E656-4674-40FE-9833-8D092876F57A_zpsriujxeec.jpg

Menu is very limited – I actually suggested that they put in (spicy) rice meals next time.

 photo 9ED7AC11-CDFB-45BE-AB3B-A2ED7EB75478_zpseit3o5so.jpg

Pork Dumplings – Minced pork with shreds of cabbage. Came with two dipping sauces – I liked the slightly sweet chili sauce as compared to the other one. Not exactly the tastiest dumplings I’ve had, but they’re definitely fresh.

 photo 34AADE4C-9477-4A18-8CBB-9C9B5DB58CED_zpsxpr5sn58.jpg

Dad’s soup consisted of Seafood toppings (shrimp, fish, and squid) in an Assam Laksa broth (Penang-style spicy and sour fish-paste broth with cucumber strips, pineapple bits, greens & boiled egg) and Wheat Noodles (firm regular-sized noodles also used for ramen).

 photo 8C7B3711-7DE3-418C-82A4-408B1A448A75_zps0dpzzylu.jpg

I had the Classic (non-spicy savory pork bone broth with fried egg, greens and lots and lots of mushrooms) broth with the same wheat noodles, and Taiwanese beef slices for my toppings. The beef slices were super tender and even had a slight hint of sweetness to them. The noodles were very springy, and had a rather chewy consistency, which was really enjoyable. The noodle broth still had a bit of zing to it, despite being labelled as non-spicy. This was actually one of the better noodle bowls I’ve had over the past couple of months!

 photo B7DDCD91-EBED-429F-9CC1-538BE7BF727A_zpsi812ehgn.jpg

Mom had the classic broth with All-Veggie toppings (silken tofu, vegetarian meat strips) and Egg Noodles (Thin wheat-and-egg noodles with the vibrant flavor of egg). Compared to the wheat noodles, these were very thin – Almost looking like yellow strings.

Despite having to wait so long to find a decent parking spot and the cramped, loud vibe of the resto, we actually had a great time here at Caution Hot. And best of all, we didn’t have to pay plenty of cash for these tasty, home-cooked noodle bowls! I can actually see it becoming one of the more popular restaurants in the Kapitolyo area.

Ambiance/Interior: 3/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 3.5/5 (presentation)

Caution Hot is located at 17 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. You can also find them in Maginhawa, QC. Links: Facebook || Twitter || IG: @cautionhotmnl


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