Taco Vengo

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Good news! (Well, for me, anyway) Taco Vengo, one of Kapitolyo’s most popular restaurants, recently opened up its second branch in SM Megamall. Taco Vengo is a taqueria that became really popular through word-of-mouth – It has been featured in plenty of food blogs, and recommended by a couple of celebrities. I really wanted to visit its flagship branch, but decided to visit the one in Megamall instead, since parking was way too difficult in that area.

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Menu: Starters, Tacos, Taco samplers, Burritos, Rice bowls, Salad bowls, Quesadillas, Desserts, Sides. Was stoked to see Horchata in their drinks menu (I’ve heard some really great things about this native Mexican drink and I wanted to try one for myself), but unfortunately it wasn’t available. Sigh.

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Honey Soy Chicken rice bowl with grilled chicken, spicy soy bean paste, and kimchi slaw. This was pretty good – I liked the mixture of the spicy slaw with the rice, and the slightly sweetened chicken meat.

 photo DB7CF510-6991-460A-A3D9-0C35887ABF80_zpsrdqydx4a.jpg

I had the Crispy Fish taco, which had pickled mango, Cajun spiced fish, jalapeno, sour cream, and slaw. Was genuinely surprised that they only served one piece! This would have been a great taco all in all, if it weren’t for the tiny piece of bone I found inside the fish fillet. Hmmm.

 photo E947B83D-EED4-4704-8E19-D519A2A51EFC_zpslcuikmsy.jpg

As you guys would expect, I ended up ordering two more tacos: The first one is their Crispy Chicken taco, with a piece of crispy fried chicken, blue cheese, and slaw. The chicken was fresh and piping hot when it was served to our table, and I also liked the hint of spiciness.

 photo 96E1E060-340A-4910-B841-D2C87A20BCC6_zpsvckq9d7p.jpg

Pork Cheek Confit – With chicharron, garlic sour cream, and salsa verde. The pork cheek itself was greasy, fatty, and just downright sinful. It was super delicious though, I have to admit – Probably my favorite out of all three tacos. Ah, why does fat have to be so bad for you?

 photo 56891D74-98E6-4F17-8A62-0227EC8F76A4_zpsdhdacebc.jpg

Chichachos for our appetizer – Chicharon, cheese, sour cream, and jalapeno. Served on a hot plate. This was slightly meh, but I did like the fact that it was spicy.

Even with the amount of tacos that I ate, I still didn’t feel full after I left the restaurant – But I honestly couldn’t care less. At least I was able to fulfill my taco cravings and finally got to try out Taco Vengo’s much-talked about tacos. I can’t wait to return so I could try more of their other taco variants, as well as their burritos, quesadillas, rice bowls, etc.

Ambiance/Interior: 3/5
Staff/Service: 4.5/5
Food: 3.5/5 (taste), 5/5 (presentation)

Taco Vengo is located at Upper Ground Floor, Building A, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Pasig City. Tel no: 02 8781328. You can also find them in Kapitolyo. Links: Facebook || IG: @tacovengo.


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