Wursty Wursty

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After more than two years, I was finally able to grant my cousin’s wishes and do a review on Wursty Wursty, a German pub/restaurant located in McKinley Hill, Taguig. I’ve never done a review on German food/a German restaurant before, so this is pretty exciting. As you can probably guess by the name (and the exterior), this resto serves grilled meats, specializing in sausages, barbecue, schnitzel, German beers, etc…. Apart from German, they also serve Turkish fare like kebabs and wraps.

McKinley Hill itself is spectacular – It was my first time to pass through this area, and I found the view quite enjoyable (and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of restos).

 photo CFCC90C8-C35C-4A3F-9F42-F9B03AF70B5A_zpsfvhcufok.jpg

 photo F37ECE89-2C33-4C6C-9ED2-59D55E59D90E_zpshuywmf95.jpg

 photo 5BE72912-22FC-4B0F-84CC-39E6484585AC_zpskw6l0ctl.jpg

Even with a second floor, the interior is slightly cramped. A little musty too.

 photo 1CC74C2A-649D-4534-B0FD-B59E2D7D938C_zpszcucoahi.jpg

 photo 23C33410-EA9B-4BCF-AB63-EC0AC75B28BE_zpsbtdd7m6g.jpg

 photo C0BDBA47-D6D2-476F-90E9-36E39DB0B679_zpsmc9h21k7.jpg

Menu: Appetizers, Sizzling, German sausages, German favorites, Roasts, Turkish favorites, Grilled, Beverages.

 photo D83375C3-9487-4224-9F4F-2255A0AF4112_zpswd7ojm3g.jpg

Sausage Platter Served with Bread and Fries. The ever-popular German staple! Yummy. These sausages were nicely grilled, and the fries and bread weren’t too bad either (Although the bread wasn’t too fresh, IMO – Why not serve authentic German bread slices?). IIRC there were six types of sausage flavors available for the platter, but you can only choose three – We ended up picking Hungarian, Frankfurter, and Smokey sausage. I couldn’t really tell which sausage is which… Whoops. That doesn’t mean all three of them tasted exactly the same, though. They were all highly diverse in flavor – One was thick but mild, one was also thick but had a mild peppery aftertaste, and one was thin but very spicy. The platter also came with three dips: Mustard, sauerkraut (reminds me of Sabrett hotdogs!), and a sweet and tangy dip that tasted similar to barbecue sauce (my personal favorite).

 photo 146E15F9-C0F3-4AF9-BD31-A35AF27D9D8D_zpsjfa0ji6i.jpg

Monster Ribs The Dino – These huge ribs may look appetizing, but there was something… Weird about the meat that I didn’t really like. I only ate 1/4 of the dish, and got tired if it pretty quickly. It also came with a barbecue dipping sauce, which was pretty much the dish’s saving grace.

 photo E99E2DD4-57D0-4FD4-B2EB-D87B706E6C64_zpsveqdb2av.jpg

Our ribs were served with a side of Buttered Veggies.

 photo DBF9971D-BD1D-4765-B302-C41D91355701_zpsigviyetq.jpg

Sugary-sweet Red Tea for our drink – Yeesh, just looking at the picture makes me cringe! >_<

Although it’s not exactly the wurst (*ba-dum-tss*) meal I’ve had and would probably come back if given the chance, I really feel like we made a mistake with those huge ribs. If you’re going to dine here, just stick to their sausages. They’re easy on the stomach too, despite it being on a huge plate.

Ambiance/Interior: 3/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 4/5 (presentation)

Wursty Wursty is located at Tuscany Estates, Upper McKinley Rd McKinley Hill, Taguig. Tel no: (02) 785-0979. Links: Facebook.


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