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I’m sorry, but I just HAD to squeeze in a review today despite still feeling slightly full from the Viking’s buffet that I had earlier (parents’ anniversary)! We ended up in Estancia before heading back home, and decided to have dinner at this new Asian restaurant called Sa Sa. I say ‘Asian’ because it pretty much contains a mishmash of cuisines from Asian countries, mostly Singaporean and Indonesian. I haven’t had Singaporean/Indonesian food in a really long while, so I was fine with eating food from this resto.

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 photo 79BDFBBC-7F65-4843-A4DC-F05F6E071287_zpsfszdwet4.jpg


 photo 39BDB289-03D8-472C-9ADE-EE674DCB0FD0_zpsepwz664g.jpg

 photo FEDE783C-3C8B-4F9E-AB72-3510CC1CF7D3_zpscgkpsts2.jpg

 photo 44D7BA35-CFC3-484C-9E47-EAB211068B6D_zps38iqew1l.jpg

Menu: Asian Bowls, Appetizers/Merienda (pork bbq in lettuce cups), Soup (shrimp and chicken laksa), Vegetable (fried yasai itame), Chicken (soy chicken), Seafood (black pepper prawns, mapo tofu tempura), Pork (crispy pork belly in tamarind glaze, soy pork), Beef (braised beef with cheddar), Lamb, Rice, Dessert (mango sticky rice, fried pastry with braised banana and pandan jelly palm), Sa Sa coolers and desserts.

 photo 00DB6F9B-4BFF-47D8-B615-808A9AFEEC66_zps6nv8klus.jpg

A cup of Hainanese Rice.

 photo C8438174-B1CF-4246-8B32-A06D82B240EF_zpsotzeyixt.jpg

I, for one, have welcomed the current salted egg trend with open arms, so I ended up ordering their Chicken Salted Egg for my meal. It was indeed tasty, but they could’ve added more salted egg coating to the chicken fillet pieces. I’m sure it goes well with the Hainanese rice.

 photo B76F205B-9772-4883-9A32-40723F7BC0FC_zps2snp5esd.jpg

Wrap Sa for our appetizer. It looks too big to be an appetizer though, in my opinion… Hmmm. And I can’t help but think that the dish’s name is supposed to be a creative word play for sarap.

 photo 84CCCDCA-85DB-456B-8616-001927A52ABC_zpsxu7zgjl7.jpg

For dessert, we tried out their Indonesian Klepon – A sticky ball made from glutinous rice, and covered in desiccated coconut. This was yummy! I really liked the little piece of palm sugar wedged inside each ball.

Although Sa Sa’s food does not sa-sa-suck by any means (*proceeds to dodge tomatoes thrown by annoyed readers*), I found their food slightly mediocre at best. Maybe we can come back here and try some of their better dishes when our stomachs are not bursting at the seams.

Ambiance/Interior: 3/5
Staff/Service: 4.5/5
Food: 3.5/5 (taste), 4/5 (presentation)

Sasa is located at B1-010, Basement Level, Estancia Mall, Oranbo, Pasig City. Tel no: +63 9175003187. Links: Facebook || IG: @sasacuisine.


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