Oyasumi Ramen

(Okay, before we start – I know you guys have probably noticed that there’s been a delay when it comes to posting entries. I apologize for that – Work has been really, really taxing lately and by the time I finish by midnight, I’m absolutely exhausted and the only thing I want to do is to lie down and get some rest. Sorry! I’ll continue to update this blog as often as possible, though…)

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We went to P. Guevarra today and had lunch at this ramen joint called Oyasumi Ramen. There are plenty of ramen joints scattered all over the city, each having their own story to tell of how their signature noodle soup came about, or the restaurant’s history. In Oyasumi Ramen’s case, their main specialty is a dish called Iekei Ramen, a lovely Yokohama-based noodle soup made with a combination of tonkotsu-shoyu broth, topped with seaweed and nori strips. The folks behind Oyasumi Ramen decided to bring the Iekei Ramen to see if it can please the Pinoy palate.

 photo EDDA8BC8-3632-47EA-862F-D79437E52261_zpsyaz8tyhx.jpg

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 photo 206BB443-5E43-496A-B012-2522D9D0027B_zpscqewswaw.jpg


 photo 522DF96E-F0E1-421C-9C2F-2335F4351FDC_zpsc6xad1x3.jpg

 photo A8C64BB4-8F21-4215-9D07-C1CF2FB4AD76_zpsvrzcxbhs.jpg

 photo 1B26891D-5113-40A0-A57D-858876986BE6_zpsubjmdoir.jpg

Menu: Ramen, New, Dipping, Cold, Rice, Add-ons, Upgrades, Additional, Afters.

 photo 199CFC97-6914-4234-BA7C-79EA99DA75DD_zpsfobfdclv.jpg

And now for something unique – Truffle Ramen! This type of ramen combines together Japan and Italy’s best flavors. It’s got truffle essence, parmesan and mozzarella cheese, all blended together with slow-boiled tonkotsu broth and flavored with nori. This sounded really appealing to me so I ended up ordering this… Admittedly, it tasted really good at first, but it got overwhelmingly salty as I reached the bottom of the bowl. And the little clumps of parmesan cheese stuck to the bottom of the bowl looked particularly nasty as well. Yeesh.

 photo D647EAA5-3BDF-4A73-91CB-E8A274916634_zps6e1bsgfo.jpg

Oyasumi Ramen’s signature dish – The Iekei Ramen. This Yokohama-style ramen consists of perfectly-cooked noodles and chashu slices in signature tonkotsu-shoyu tare broth, with spinach, leeks, and three sheets of nori.

 photo 9F9B310E-8136-4710-8144-DA0144648F2C_zpsqd1pqvbl.jpg

Mom had the La Paz Ramen – Yes, you read that right, it’s actually la paz batchoy in ramen form! It tasted quite similar to real la paz batchoy too. It’s got a mix of your traditional ramen, with flavors from smooth pork blood, crunchy chicharon bits and garlic.

 photo 6E1FF818-E170-4F6F-8A06-B3AC95BE3E3D_zpsynboflpl.jpg

Their Gyoza’s got an interesting shape. This was amazing – Crispy on the outside, and meaty on the inside.

 photo C5D0DBDA-6A58-4A08-BB7F-D08775D5943C_zpsngdeedx7.jpg

I had a rather different opinion when it came to their Thick Chashu, though – The idea of a thick slab of chashu pork seemed more than wonderful to me, but this was a disappointment. The meat was too tough, and not to mention it was just as salty as my Truffle Ramen.

Ugh… This would’ve been a great ramen place if their broth/pork didn’t pack too much sodium. -_- Maybe I just picked the wrong type of ramen dish, though. I guess you can try out this restaurant too especially if you’re a ramen fanatic, but with the exception of their gyoza, don’t make a mistake and order the same stuff as I did.

Ambiance/Interior: 4.5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 4/5 (presentation)

Oyasumi Ramen is located at Unit 3, 308 P. Guevarra St. corner Seaview St., Little Baguio, San Juan. Tel no: (02) 2750309. Links: Facebook || IG: @oyasumiramen


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