Soban K-Town Grill

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Took advantage of the holiday by paying a visit to Eastwood and having lunch at Soban. Soban has been around for quite a while – It’s actually from the same people behind Sariwon, if I’m not mistaken. Soban came at exactly the right time, as I was still mourning from the loss of Kogi, one of my all-time favorite Korean restaurants.

Soban is a collaboration between a guy named Mr. Sung-rah, a Korean restauranteur, and Happyfoods Group of restaurants. Soban actually translates to ‘small table’. The resto’s main goal is to create an evolution when it comes to Korean cuisine, serving both traditional Korean food items like bibimbap/bulgogi etc. and the more innovative ones served in Koreatowns all across the USA, like K-tacos.

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Menu: Grill-it-yourself pork sets, Grill-it-yourself combo sets, Grill-it-yourself beef sets, Grill-it-yourself chicken sets, From the kitchen sets, Ala carte noodles, Ala carte rice, Ala carte lunch menu, Sung’s picks, Desserts, Drinks.

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Dak Bulgogi Set – Caramelized boneless fried chicken. Delicious, delicious, delicious.

 photo BE78EC54-3C7F-4DBD-9CDA-360A4509409A_zpsukwd8fqo.jpg

Jeyuk Deopbap Set – Stir-fried spicy pork belly rice bowl topped with fried egg. My dad ordered this one, and it was surprisingly very delicious. I should probably try it the next time we come back here (assuming we don’t end up ordering one of their Korean barbecue sets).

 photo B6CEA05B-E4A6-4443-9A2B-85A2460754B4_zpsv1k9b1sm.jpg

Pork Korrito – A burrito made with fresh lettuce, kimchi, sour cream, cheese, kimchi fried rice, and your choice of K-BBQ meat. Served on a flour tortilla. I noticed that Korean-Mexican cuisine is slowly gaining popularity lately, which is awesome since I’m a huge fan of both cuisines (and I feel like Mexican is one of the more underrated cuisines here in the PH, in my opinion).

 photo FE50CE32-3188-4C81-A990-2CB0610290DE_zps7g8xpwuv.jpg

Kimchi Fries – French fries smothered with cheese, roasted pork bits, and kimchi. The menu says that this dish was a “crowd favorite”, but I didn’t really like it as much :\ The kimchi was a tad bit sour (probably the same type of kimchi used in kimchi jjigae), and I don’t like the fact that they used ordinary grated processed cheese to top the fries.

Kogi might be gone, but Soban is a worthy replacement. What’s great about Soban is that combines together both variants of Korean cuisine (classic and modern) – You’re sure to find a dish here that you’ll love.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 5/5 (taste), 5/5 (presentation)

Soban K-Town Grill is located at Second Floor, Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City. Tel no: (02) 2469069. Links: Facebook || Twitter || IG: @soban.ktown


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