What’s better than gorging on unlimited amounts of Korean food?

Gorging on unlimited amounts of Korean food for less than a thousand bucks.

 photo C37F6CFE-83E7-4D77-86D6-58407C7C26D5_zps228xptts.jpg

I have read nothing but praises for Sodam, that tiny Korean buffet restaurant located in in the heart of Wilson, San Juan. This restaurant has gained quite a following thanks to their all-you-can-eat samgyupsal promo, which only costs an amazing PHP300 per head.

We decided to celebrate Mother’s Day in advance by dining here a day before the actual event, since 1.) We had stuff to do the following morning 2.) We’re pretty certain that this place was going to be packed on Mother’s Day itself.

 photo 02104CB2-D39C-4CB6-ACA5-7760D995AA27_zpsvc7zrby8.jpg

 photo C48627ED-D25A-4E54-986E-9FA6A3842985_zpseorw9bzl.jpg

 photo 1EDFD79F-3D72-444A-B912-4DD685D5508C_zpseyyvpf5i.jpg

Interior. It does get pretty crowded in here, especially during the weekends – So much so that you have to call them two weeks in advance to make a reservation and get the best seats, unless you’re patient enough to wait for an hour or two outside the resto (or along the steps leading to the second floor).

Didn’t get to take pictures of the buffet itself, sadly – Not a lot of options available here, but like I said… Everyone came here for the grilling action. I didn’t care, though – I was just happy that I get to eat Korean food again after a while.

 photo C32F0499-A90A-4CD0-806A-E5679EF4A02A_zpsbtzvu2gc.jpg

Here’s my plate: A piece of what I assume is Korean Fried Chicken (right in the middle), some slices of Kimchi Pancake, a small piece of Spicy Tofu, a spoonful of Bulgogi, and two types of rice cake dishes: my ever-favorite Tteokbokki and grilled rice cakes on a stick, perhaps my favorite out of the entire lot – Soft and chewy on the inside like your typical Korean rice cake, and crispy on the outside. The kimchi pancake and bulgogi were alright. I wouldn’t recommend getting the fried chicken (too bony) and spicy tofu (too bland).

 photo 4B06B5F1-A3E6-40A4-B87D-3F23B3C08E83_zpsznldx7yn.jpg

Mom also tried out the fried chicken, kimchi pancakes, and several pieces of deep-fried fish smothered in sweet chili sauce.

 photo 1F5FC785-ADFC-48A0-B7B2-D404B3F9509D_zpspstgkwr1.jpg

 photo 611799E0-3AFD-40DF-AC48-5D6799FECDB6_zpszttqdp3e.jpg

That aside, we now move on to the main highlight of our meal – The grilling! As soon as we found our seats, our waiter gave us these small trays of samgyupsal stacked on top of each other. There were four types of samgyupsal served, but unfortunately I only managed to take a picture of two >_<

 photo 2634C4D6-55F9-4D3C-B42E-4400D8011A20_zpsjxfnbioj.jpg

Onto the grill they go…

 photo A289918A-710C-4CBC-BADA-A070986D1AD6_zpsjcei60du.jpg

… Isn’t that lovely?

 photo 095FB372-F753-4D7C-9E4D-9C7777192C54_zpsc5nijkqk.jpg

Cooked samgyupsal with a piece of deep-fried fish fillet, covered in mayonnaise.

 photo 861AEFE0-4858-4E7E-846A-C08D7EDBFCC4_zpsnjujbp4a.jpg

Whenever I go to Korean restaurants, I always make sure to try out one of their available ice creams for dessert. This was my choice for the night – A refreshing popsicle that tasted like candy.

I’m probably gonna sound so biased here, but both the buffet and unlimited amounts of samgyupsal are amazing. And like I said earlier – All this for at least PHP300! No wonder Sodam is considered to be one of the most beloved Korean restaurants in the Metro… Everything is just Sodam good (yes, I went there.)!

Ambiance/Interior: 3.5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 3/5 (presentation)

Sodam is located at 331 P Guevarra St Little Baguio, San Juan. Tel no: (02) 654-6428. Links: Facebook.


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