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The Blackboard by Chef Michel (4th anniversary post!!)

 photo C2D08C08-564C-485D-83B4-113DAD022F80_zpsdydaulsk.jpg

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For this year’s anniversary post, I went back to The Podium to have lunch at this restaurant called The Blackboard. This restaurant is owned by Chef Michel and his wife, who were inspired to open up this restaurant after living in Kuala Lumpur for several years. What makes The Blackboard different from the other restaurants out there is the fact that all of the dishes on the menu are not permanent – So you can enjoy a sumptuous Chinese meal today, then eat Spanish paella a week later. The only thing that’s consistent here is the quality of the food.

 photo 27198BDF-0158-49E9-A0EC-E980C73F1AAC_zpsijxcbve6.jpg

 photo 9CED3CA4-E83F-4C9B-91FB-C4030FC1ED42_zpsvkchgaoj.jpg

 photo 04EF02EF-D698-41CA-A617-6BDD072ECFA8_zpsaimyftma.jpg

 photo EEC232F5-0B2E-4A12-B6FD-BE5B28E46826_zpsmldo4cwh.jpg

Interior. Extra points for their awesome music playlist.

 photo B8179D69-39EC-44A3-A2CE-3B76EFF31E64_zpsmozvamfo.jpg

A closer look at the Mexican-themed menu, written on a huge blackboard (hence the resto’s name).

 photo 414D3712-7AA7-43B9-8B10-9AC027BF703C_zpsbscxtozz.jpg

Fish and Chips Basket, served with tartar and aioli sauce. The skin had a slight peppery taste to it, while the fillet was nice and very flaky. A good dish overall, not to mention slightly addictive.

 photo FEE7AC9D-E6D3-40E0-BE4E-4A6E768229C3_zpsuh5crlju.jpg

Ham and Cheese Croquetas. Crunchy on the outside, and slightly mushy on the inside. I have yet to find a croquette dish that I didn’t like! Also comes with a delicious aioli dipping sauce.

 photo 3D742AC4-1096-4DC3-B4EE-0A1A429D5919_zpsjawxjtci.jpg

Beef Tacos. This wasn’t too bad… It tasted/looked quite similar to Pancake House’s famous tacos, but with a soft tortilla.

I was actually quite surprised when we received our bill for this meal – We ended up paying less than 1,000 bucks! I was expecting to shell out at least 2,500 or something for this entire meal. Maybe the price does depend on what’s written on the blackboard at the moment. I think it’s pretty cool that they switch up their menu once in a while in order to cater to both diners who want to eat something affordable or expensive. Anyway, if they end up creating another menu that’s s easy on the wallet, then I won’t hesitate to step inside this restaurant again.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 4.5/5
Food: 4.5/5 (taste), 5/5 (presentation)

The Blackboard by Chef Michel is located at 5/F The Podium, 18 ADB Ave Wack Wack, Mandaluyong. Links: Facebook || Twitter


Casa Verde

 photo 6EA795F7-2326-4A94-A1DC-976E052D84A0_zpscaywlhnc.jpg

When I first laid eyes on Casa Verde, I was naturally drawn in to the long lines and wondered what’s so special about their food. My cousin and her hubby got to try out their dishes way before I did, and she said that the food there was highly affordable – And truth be told, this just increased my interest even more. We have made plenty of attempts trying to get inside this Cebu-based resto, and this time, we were successful (And it was a couple of hours before dinner time started, so… No long lines!)

 photo 3D88C62D-30F6-40AA-BA77-9025F07C94FF_zpslpl2zu3i.jpg

 photo 0A37F36F-C813-4C4A-B7B9-9D91F206508E_zpsbu7ofncb.jpg

 photo 646F2D7F-F382-43FD-9DCF-54385C162C60_zpsg0909b45.jpg


 photo F5911097-E2AC-4081-974F-B752C4BFD36E_zpsmmrjgtaf.jpg

 photo F1D8C1F9-1A39-4C6D-8A65-A0BA85E49402_zpsvc8fkvrq.jpg


 photo A31BBF9C-10AB-4801-9F80-965CEDF750CF_zpsdflgbotm.jpg

I tried their Simply Bliss cooler – A delightful, refreshing mixture of coconut milk, orange juice, and pineapple juice.

 photo D98ADF07-5578-477C-BCFB-77095F2C6CAA_zpsfkgr0syr.jpg

Golden Chicken Fingers – Double breaded chicken tenderloins, fried till golden. Served with honey mustard dressing, mashed potatoes, and vegetable medley. The meat could use a little salt, and this dish had me feeling queasy by the time I got to the fourth strip. But oh well, at least the honey mustard sauce was good and the breading was nice and crunchy.

 photo C89ADC01-46F9-4B9D-9AE5-F1902BFA7543_zpsnjf0qys6.jpg

Fried Cheese – Breaded cheese sticks served with a side of marinara.

 photo 9A75E923-3109-4CF0-A50F-C36ED1CD425A_zps9jb54hcr.jpg

Victoria’s Secret Spaghetti – Homemade meat sauce topped with oozing cheese.

 photo D5B39F6E-DF40-4D5E-B2FB-F5EE85EB121F_zpsjhidfxra.jpg

Brian’s Ribs – The resto’s best seller. Baked pork ribs with a sweet and tangy piquet sauce, served with rice, corn, and carrots. Well, the piquet sauce was good… But the meat was a bit cold, and had this leathery, stringy texture? It was weird.

(Really sorry about the blurry shots!)

I think I finally understand now why this restaurant has never failed to attract crowds all the time – You basically get heaping plates of food for a very, very cheap price. No wonder students love coming here. Unfortunately though, their food is just mediocre for me. IDK, maybe we just ordered the wrong dish. I’m still glad we got to try out the food here, though.

Ambiance/Interior: 4.5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 3.5/5 (taste), 3/5 (presentation)

Casa Verde is located at UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Links: Official Website || Facebook || IG: @casaverdeph

REDUX: Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken

 photo 8C1D36B8-FD4C-4AB5-B487-F3D175134F44_zps7pq2tf1u.jpg

Yes, I know, I know… Some of you guys are probably thinking, ‘Didn’t you already do this before?’ Well, you’re absolutely right – Peri-Peri Chicken was actually one of the first few restaurants that I reviewed when this blog was still in its early stages, and during that time, it was still known as a place that served set meals and tiny pieces of fish fingers. But a couple of years after that, they seemed to have changed their image; Aside from the usual chicken (Which they now serve with a whole assortment of sauces), Peri-Peri has started offering alcoholic beverages, like cocktails and their signature ‘beergaritas’.

Peri-Peri has been around since 2006. According to them, their chicken is marinated in a blend of spices hailing all the way from Africa, then grilled to perfection.

 photo 0ADE131D-73F6-4F45-BA24-67F10EF49391_zps3ipkzxgk.jpg

 photo 653D0E99-5E6C-4D8E-8461-DBABC348785B_zpsd1esbc03.jpg

 photo 5E8F2EFF-01E4-4B45-A707-0EF95E1DC388_zpsvn1rc65g.jpg


 photo C96E9927-EB57-4387-BBCE-0CC6566F81F7_zpspaw72hkd.jpg

 photo 807F3296-A736-41BC-8079-7CD29CD80D57_zpsdsmkenwc.jpg

 photo A1DAA570-6AC4-4D8B-BBC8-26DE2CB679E5_zpsxr19hcsl.jpg

Menu: Salads, Sandwich (Arros y frango, Choripan, Grande chicken burger), Appetizers (Jalapeno fries, Patatas bravas, Peri-peri chori nachos, Peri-peri wild wings), Main plates (Numero uno fried chicken, Fernandos), After dinner, Peri grupo, Healthy meals, Chicken platters, Pasta (Shrimp aglio olio), Sides, Big plates (Grilled peri-peri tagine, Plato porco), Pizza (Ala peri-peri), Desserts (Torta gorilla)

 photo 86C1C36D-835A-4FE2-A969-F13C7305EC06_zpsjfjml6jy.jpg

 photo 0A5C75A9-0CF1-4DDD-8554-5E31CDB19DF1_zpsvwurtvjd.jpg

Two types of soups: Pumpkin Soup, and Chicken Soup. Much like the old incarnation of Peri-Peri, you can get as many bowls of soup as you like.

 photo 1537A016-1FE3-47FE-8A4C-FB87D98589EB_zpsf9pbl313.jpg

Pasta Tartufo – Perfectly-cooked pasta in a truffle infused cream sauce. This may look like a pretty dish, but it definitely needs a bit of salt. Truffle pastas are almost always a miss for me… Sheesh!

 photo C95076E7-C7D1-4C49-805D-FE90D8241332_zpsjnolprnt.jpg

 photo F2E1B7F5-22B6-4643-A135-EC9CAB52D3DC_zps6zieo1h1.jpg

 photo 23E786EF-F059-42E7-BABE-7C81E9A157AD_zps0adt2r4s.jpg

Lastly, the star of the show: The Rio platter, which consists of one whole peri-peri chicken, and four sides (We picked Tortillas, Java Rice, Mashed Potatoes, and Corn and Carrots). I’ve tried loads of peri-peri chicken dishes before, but this one just blows the competition out of the water. The meat was so juicy, and the skin didn’t taste too burnt and wasn’t dry either. Ah, I loved it. This platter came with three spicy/tangy dipping sauces, and all of them do compliment the chicken meat very nicely.

Looks like Peri-Peri’s new image served as a huge advantage for them since they have opened up several more branches after the revamp. It definitely drew in lots of satisfied customers – Including myself. I already liked their previous look, and this new image of theirs just increased my love for them.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4.5/5 (taste), 5/5 (presentation)

Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken is located at Capitol Commons, Meralco Ave Kapitolyo, Pasig. Links: Facebook || Twitter || IG: @pericharcoalph.

Simply Thai

 photo 7C568E80-4F5D-46CA-A173-808C443E2DD7_zpsyir2zugk.jpg

 photo 4C1CA760-5EA1-4B85-92CC-A234C7CA6071_zpsrgfzfzni.jpg

A few years ago, way before I even thought about creating this blog, there was a restaurant in Serendra called Thai at Silk, which served delicious Thai cuisine that was pleasing to the Filipino palate at the same time. Unfortunately though, due to several reasons, the restaurant had to close its doors after six years of operation. But the restaurant has now made a comeback under a new name: Simply Thai! Simply Thai isn’t a pure carbon copy of its predecessor, though – While Thai at Silk served traditional Thai dishes, Simply Thai gives them a modern flair.

 photo F8E7714F-23DB-4C35-9D42-AED58953FCD6_zpslkcmliua.jpg

 photo C43C472C-574F-4767-B961-8535380FC201_zpsgkmpb12e.jpg

 photo E825342F-325B-4962-83CB-A0E046F001BC_zps4ja0vxgh.jpg


 photo 4DBA8E01-28A4-4B8D-BED3-1D9E3D445F5F_zpskntmnpke.jpg

 photo F5C9558B-FF9A-40BB-985E-68582D70520A_zps5kxhgskr.jpg

 photo 4D8E336A-7520-4DB6-A0E0-17DCDEB7344C_zps2cccuswe.jpg

Menu: Soups (Tom yum kung), Appetizers (Golden tofu, sriracha hot wings, Phuket kung sarong), Salads (USDA angus beef salad, yam som oh, Krabi salad, nam prik catfish salad), Thai curries (Thai green chicken curry, lamb shank massaman curry, Yawarat duck curry) Stir-fries and more (Thai beef rendang, north Thai steak, cinnamon pork ribs, char grilled prawns, soft-shelled crab with black pepper sauce, banana fish, steamed whole seabass in lime garlic sauce, deep-fried pomfret fish in sweet tamarind sauce), Stir-fried vegetables, Rice and noodles (Pineapple rice, khao pad gai, khao pad moo), Khuang waan: The sweet stuff (Khao niao mamuang, takhoo sakhoo, banana fritters with coconut ice cream).

 photo 66AC3DE6-B108-4956-B3CD-BB88955C0650_zpsie6oqvvz.jpg

Tod Man Kung – Thai prawn cakes with sweet chili sauce. The prawns that they used were finely minced, and almost had a paste-like texture to it. I also like that it was served piping hot and fresh from the pan. Very crispy too.

 photo BFD07796-D40E-49F3-B5EE-2E68F3C11C05_zpsbndyq6wi.jpg

 photo 8E73AB28-EDFB-410C-93CD-BE4CEC7AEDDD_zpskolagqyo.jpg

Phad Thai – Thai-style fried flat noodles with tofu, pork, and bean sprouts wrapped in an eggnet. The noodles that they used are a bit thinner than the typical pad thai dish. And I love the presentation!

 photo 589BE2A3-A6E2-4180-BE4C-3C9EBCB526B9_zpsexchifcr.jpg

Thai Chicken Satay – Chicken skewers with peanut sauce and cucumber relish. The chicken chunks were huge, but tasted kinda bland.

 photo 60B1FE9F-61DD-48C5-BFD7-176004BCA009_zpsj4ryrspb.jpg

Cha Plu Penang Beef Curry – USDA beef tenderloin, eggplants, and betel leaves in red curry sauce. I’m a huge fan of curry and beef, and unfortunately, this dish just fell flat. The curry lacked spice/flavor, and the beef wasn’t as tender as I expected it to be.

Simply Thai’s food was just alright for me… Not too tasty, but it wasn’t that bad either. But it was still more than enough to fill up that Thai at Silk-shaped hole in my food blogger heart. And I guess that’s what really counts for me. Hehe.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 5/5 (presentation)

Simply Thai is located at G/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St Legazpi Village, Makati. Tel no: (02) 729-0860. Links: Facebook.

Yo! Panda

 photo A37AAEC1-5249-4B5E-88EE-21D9DDDB8196_zpsafz4qrq7.jpg

 photo 650F0BD3-5FCC-46AD-B2B7-338C9BB0B16A_zpsqg1cx1sg.jpg

Yo, yo, yo! Come and check out this restaurant in SM Megamall!!! Yo! Panda is the project of three siblings, who came up with the idea of opening a restaurant after their frequent trips to Hong Kong. The restaurant is known for their HK-style egg waffles, which sport a rather different look from the Belgian waffles that everyone is used to seeing.  You can easily tell if their waffles are ready to be served once you start noticing a delicious smell coming from the kitchen. Aside from the egg waffles, they also specialize in delicious Cantonese dishes and snacks.

 photo 5D997E2C-4E52-43A2-AD26-511280E95AA2_zpsum8pdbdp.jpg


 photo 3D360B2D-8BCA-4A78-9568-D783D050B1AF_zpsnzjfcta0.jpg

 photo E6106A8E-5786-40A3-BA4D-5E9CA245A956_zpsrmkn1kpi.jpg


 photo BEE4CBFA-E0F4-4A26-9E58-6F7C1C860FF9_zpsblxibos2.jpg

Crispy Pork Chop with Cheese Sauce and Noodles – Crispy fried pork chop, sunny side up organic egg, noodles, and cheese sauce. Slightly side-eyeing them for using instant noodles instead of hand-pulled ones, but other than that, it was… Okay? The pork chop was tender and crispy, but it could use a little more salt. Cheese sauce was a bit overwhelming, too.

 photo C4B13C8A-E52C-439B-9883-B771F54B9815_zpspsmdund6.jpg

Cantonese Style Beef Brisket – Tendon, braised raddish, soft soy, organic egg, and steamed rice. Much like the pork chop, the beef was tender and practically melted in my mouth. Also liked the sweet aftertaste of the beef.

 photo 7A62C74B-0F0B-44E3-9F3A-0DC30E86CD90_zpshyvkxrht.jpg

Super Xiao Long Bao – Gigantic Xiao Long Bao with soupy fillings, served with a straw. Just look at the size of this thing! Filled with piping hot, soupy goodness and a tasty meat filling. And yes, you actually have to use a straw to drink all of that soup.

 photo B1C9468C-40D7-4B1E-A588-30D385910E11_zpsrngtq7h7.jpg

For our dessert, we tried the resto’s specialty: Egg waffles! Here’s my Cookies and Cream waffle with Italian gelato soft serve, oreo cookies, chocolate fudge sauce, and whipped cream. Quite heavy for a dessert, I have to say. The egg waffle smelled so good, and was crispy on the outside.

 photo FD20794F-6D6B-4E1A-9B13-C893083BCD2B_zps65h150qu.jpg

Mom had the Mango Cheesecake waffle, which also came with Italian gelato, cheesecake cubes, and fresh mango cubes.

My stomach was practically bursting at the seams by the time we left the resto. We ended up paying in cash because the resto’s cash register wasn’t working, which was a bummer. But if I were to describe our dining experience here, then it was…. Just alright. I’m actually willing to give this restaurant another try, since the food is affordable, and some of the other items on their menu have captured my interest.

Ambiance/Interior: 3/5
Staff/Service: 4/5
Food: 3.5/5 (taste), 4.5/5 (presentation)

Yo! Panda is located at 4F, SM Megamall Building A, Ortigas Pasig City. Tel no: 02 2469069. Links: Facebook || IG: @yopandamanila.

Costa Coffee

 photo 2C8FC9C0-FA39-4FD7-8BB8-913C4429BDA3_zpsim6hgucd.jpg

Another British food franchise has landed on our shores! Costa Coffee’s first PH branch opened up in Eastwood July last year, with another branch in BGC opening last October. Costa Coffee is the largest coffee shop chain in the UK, and the second largest coffee chain in the world, only behind Starbucks.  So I guess you can get the idea that a lot of folks enjoy their freshly-brewed coffee and pastries. And hey, if Harry Styles is a frequent customer, then that definitely says something about their food. Right?

 photo FB875833-59BA-4B6B-B047-5DB5D7D18E5D_zpscvxbxnvj.jpg

 photo 82C83CCB-8122-4DE0-A5FB-7A79A7962B21_zpszrev0tnt.jpg

 photo 565C9A9C-3EDC-4F98-B89D-268B2A7775F6_zps2cuduvkb.jpg

 photo 7FD620BC-50E5-4261-9132-AB4339F2F423_zpsb27x6xrd.jpg

Very pretty interior.

 photo 2E68BB2F-6CD6-4EB0-BA56-380B2FEE0247_zps1y7ih5gc.jpg

Menu shot.

 photo F1935B32-4F43-45EA-A8A5-9A7DBD3E863F_zpsoxplhnt3.jpg

Cake/Sandwich rack, because why not.

 photo 1C4BB5A5-0A4A-4C04-B2E9-23BB040BF92D_zps5r9bnoyq.jpg

Our orders are summed up in two plates – And here’s the first one. Our drink of choice was the White Chocolate… And although Costa’s version wasn’t too bad, Starbucks’ own white chocolate is still the superior version. Next up is the Mango Sago Mousse Cake. The cake has this unique, creamy consistency, almost like a sponge. Lastly, we have the rather crispy Salted Caramel Chip cookie.

 photo 2DA80253-14AC-4CB0-91F0-16973A78BAA5_zps1auauo1h.jpg

Second plate: From the upper right corner you have dad’s Americano coffee, then on the left, a Banana Caramel Muffin, which I didn’t get to try that much… Then another White Chocolate drink, and finally, the Bacon & Egg with Maple Syrup Toastie. Who knew that a simple bacon and egg sandwich could taste so good! I love that the bread was perfectly crisp on the outside, without it being burnt… And soft on the inside. I could barely taste the syrup though, but that’s fine.

I have visited/reviewed lots of coffee shops over the years, but I have to say that Costa Coffee is now one of my favorites. And the fact that it’s located near my house just makes it even better. I really hope they can branch out more in the future.

Ambiance/Interior: 5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 4/5 (presentation)

Costa Coffee is located at Eastwood City Walk 1, Orchard Rd Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Links: Official UK Website || Official Twitter || PH Facebook || IG: @costacoffeeph