There’s katsu…

… And then, there’s Kimukatsu.

Kimukatsu is a new katsu restaurant that opened up in Shang’s East Wing just a couple of weeks ago. Their branches are found all over Japan, and have been featured in different Japanese magazines and TV shows.

What sets them apart from all the other katsu places in town is that their katsu is served mille-feuille style—Each katsu contains 25 layers of thin pork. It is firstly coated in a batter and panko breadcrumbs, and deep-fried to a crisp in canola oil for around 8 minutes. The katsu is then is given some time to steam, which allows the heat to spread through all of its layers.

The interior gives off a wonderful, modern vibe (I love the ceiling lights!!) The black and white color scheme is present throughout the resto. Heck, even the menu/plates are color coded: Men get black menus/plates, while ladies get white menus/plates.

Menu: Kimukatsu (must try flavors are plain, cheese, and yuzu kosho, which is a combination of yuzu and chili pepper), Kimukatsu assorted set, Premium katsu set (kurobuta kimukatsu set), Tonkatsu meal set (menchi, aka a minced set), Donburi, Kimukatsu sandwich (Kimukatsu plain sandwich, Kimukatsu cheese sandwich), Seafood set, Vegetable fry, Rice set, Ala carte, Side menu (ebi mayo, negi shio tofu), and Dessert (matcha parfait, soy cotta, kurogoma pudding).

Shredded lettuce, salad dressing, and two types of miso soup: White, which has a smooth, milky taste, and Red. I never got to try the red one, but I’m assuming that it has a strong flavor, one where you can really taste the miso.

They serve two kinds of dipping sauces as well, and some sea salt, which you can sprinkle on your kimukatsu (or other dishes) for some added flavor. And let’s not forget the sesame seeds – A staple in every katsu restaurant, just like the bowl of shredded lettuce. ^^

From left: Ebi Fry (which my mom ordered), Tatsuta-age (deep fried juicy pieces of chicken fillet, probably their version of chicken kara-age), two small bowls of pickled salad, and chewy steamed Japanese rice (Koshihikari). My dad ordered the Pork Loin Rosu Set (far right). The meat was a little bit tough, but the thick layer of fat makes up for it.

Meanwhile, I ordered the Black Pepper Kimukatsu. I couldn’t really taste the pepper bits… But because of the thin layers of pork, this kimukatsu was 10x more tender than what my dad ordered. I was definitely surprised after taking the first bite, since the texture was so different.

I enjoyed my meal here at Kimukatsu—Their original method of cooking katsu is definitely one of a kind, and a surefire winner.

Kimukatsu is located at Level 5, Shangri-la Plaza East Wing, Shaw Boulevard, corner EDSA Mandalyoung City. Tel no: +(632) 727-0333. Visit their official website, and like them on Facebook.


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